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Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz, Pakistan’s most popular ISP, is offering unlimited data plans to all of its customers. The company has introduced a number of intriguing new data bundles and deals at low costs, including daily deals and location-based deals that are available to all consumers.

Jazz offers a variety of daily bundles to meet your specific data demands, such as the “daily mega package” (1000 MB for 24 hours) for only Rs. 25. (including tax). This daily package can be subscribed to by users by dialing *117*4# on their mobile device or by using the Jazz World app. The package will expire after 24 hours unless you subscribe again. The Jazz World app or the *117*4*2# code will let you know how much data is left in your bundle and how long it will be valid for.

Jazz provides its customers with a wide variety of fascinating and reasonably priced daily internet bundles, such as the Daily YouTube and Social, Super Ghanta deal, Daily extreme bundle, etc.

For just Rs. 15, users may get a Daily YouTube and Social package that gives them 1 GB of data to use throughout the day on YouTube and social applications like Facebook and WhatsApp (including tax). If you have a Jazz SIM card, you may access this daily data package by dialing *968# or by opening the Jazz World app. Like the previously described data bundle, this one will expire and require a new subscription.

In order to provide their consumers with the best possible internet and phone service, Jazz offers a variety of hybrid bundles. For just Rs. 17, consumers may take advantage of the Daily Super deal and get access to 150 MB of fast internet, 1440 Jazz to Jazz minutes, and 50 SMS for the entire day (incl. tax).

Customers who are interested in this offer can activate it by dialing *212# or *444# and choosing a super daily deal. By dialing *212*4# on their mobile device, customers can quickly opt out of receiving this promotion. After the initial 24 hours, consumers will be charged the standard per-minute rates for voice, text, and data services.

Furthermore, they have location-specific deals, such as the Sindh Daily offer, which, for the low, low price of Rs. 12, provides users with 250 MB of data, unlimited Jazz minutes, and 1500 SMS to use however they please throughout the day (incl. tax). To take advantage of this deal, customers in some parts of Sindh only need to dial *522# from their mobile device. If you sign up for this deal, you’ll have access to the package until midnight every day. At that point, they’ll need to sign up for this deal again.

Jazz is not only providing these discounts in Sindh, but also in neighboring regions like Punjab and KP. The Jazz World app has all the location-based bundles, or you can just scroll down and locate the best daily internet bundles. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of these fantastic daily internet packages and start using the most reliable and fast mobile internet in the country.

Jazz Free Facebook
Rs 0
Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer
Rs 1.5
Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package
Rs 7.2
Jazz WhatsApp Package
Rs 7.2
Jazz Gujranwala Super Duper Offer
Apna Shehar Package(Selected cities)
Rs 10
Jazz Daily Browser Offer
Rs 12
Jazz Sindh Package
Rs 12
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package(Khi only)
Rs 13
KPK Daily Offer
Rs 13

Jazz Day Bundle
Rs 14
Jazz Daily Extreme
Rs 15
Jazz Daily Youtube and Sociales
Rs 16
Jazz Daily Super
Rs 20
Jazz Free Music Bundle(Daily)
Rs 20
Jazz Daily Mega
Rs 30
Jazz Super Plus

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