Meet – 27th August Episode 690


Meet – 27th August, a drama serial that has taken the ApneTV audience by storm, is a testament to riveting storytelling. With suspense, emotion, and twists at every corner, it’s no wonder that viewers are searching to watch hindi serials online free on apne tv. Here’s our take on this sensational show.

Meet - 27th August Episode 690


The drama unfolds with Shagun unveiling a secret identity, leading viewers on a rollercoaster of past and present events. While Sumeet’s and Akki’s mysterious communications unfold, parallel subplots with Pankhudi keep audiences intrigued. With unexpected raids, hidden identities, and emotional showdowns, every episode is a thrilling ride.


For those looking for heart-stopping sequences and gripping narratives, Meet – 27th August checks every box. The drama’s portrayal of relationships, deceit, and suspense is unparalleled. The production quality, combined with stellar performances, makes this show a must-watch on ApnaTV.


While we won’t give away too much, brace yourself for more revelations, unexpected allies, and a showdown that promises to be the talk of the town. Don’t miss out on the next episode!

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“Meet – 27th August” Drama Unfolds: Your Ultimate Recap on ApneTV

For all our drama aficionados, ApneTV rolled out a doozy with “Meet – 27th August.” If you’re in the hunt to watch hindi serials online free on apne tv, you absolutely can’t miss this one. Without further ado, let’s unravel the drama that had everyone talking!

The Big Reveal

The episode launched with a bang, as Shagun dropped the bombshell: the disguised lady was, in fact, Sumeet. Flashbacks took us to the moment Sumeet sneakily switched places with Shlok. If suspenseful sequences like these get your heart racing, you need to dive into the Meet hindi serial online episodes right on apnetv.

Mysteries Deepen

Sumeet’s cryptic call with Akki not only hinted at deeper conspiracies but also raised several eyebrows. Parallelly, Pankhudi’s veiled chats and subsequent messages with Raj were the talk of the town. It’s episodes like these that make apne tv hindi tv serials so enthralling!

Drama At Its Peak

Out of nowhere, an unexpected income tax raid at Shagun’s abode added to the already thickening plot. Memories from days gone by unveiled even more curious secrets. Truly, Meet watch apne episodes are a roller-coaster ride of emotions and surprises.

Emotions Run High

As the tension reached a crescendo, the Choudhary household became the epicenter of high-voltage drama with Shagun’s palpable anxiety for her son. Episodes filled with such intensity are why viewers are addicted to apnetv hindi serial listings.

Surprises Galore at the Mansion

In a shocking twist, Sumeet and Shlok found themselves ensnared in a dire situation, much to the audience’s dismay. Between the dramatic dummy reveal, Shlok’s unbridled anger, and Shagun’s malevolent schemes, the episode had everyone’s heart in their mouth. Missed it? Just hop onto Apna tv to download Meet episodes and catch every heart-stopping moment!

Tension in Every Corner

The emotional turmoil was evident as Sumeet endeavored to extricate Shagun from Shlok’s clutches. Shagun’s smug demeanor at the episode’s climax? Just the cherry on top! Stay updated and Meet today episode live by keeping apnetv in your bookmarks.

To cap it all, “Meet – 27th August” is an unmissable treat for drama lovers. With its intricate story arcs, multifaceted characters, and jaw-dropping cliffhangers, it stands as a testament to the best of Indian TV dramas. For your regular fix of nail-biting drama, keep Apne tv on your radar – your ultimate haven for indian tv serials online.

Looking for More Drama?

Yearning for more? To access Meet in love Hindi Serial all episodes or to relive the “Meet – 27th August 2023” episode online, make your way to Stay tuned to Apne tv for more updates, latest episodes, and the very best of Indian television.

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Common Elements of Drama:

“Meet – 27th August” showcases classic drama elements:

  • Conflict: Central to the storyline, driving the narrative forward.
  • Characters: Deeply developed, with layers of complexity.
  • Climax: Moments that leave viewers breathless.

Dramatic Expression:

The cast’s exceptional portrayal of emotions, be it love, anger, betrayal, or despair, adds depth to the narrative, making Meet a standout drama on ApneTV.

Dramatic Structure:

Following a three-act structure – introduction, climax, and resolution, “Meet – 27th August” ensures viewers remain hooked till the very end.


  • Where can I watch “Meet – 27th August”?
  • It’s available on ApneTV. You can stream it online.
  • Is it based on real events?
  • It’s a work of fiction, though it may draw from real-life inspirations.
  • Can I download episodes?
  • Yes, there’s a download now option on ApneTV.

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“Meet – 27th August” revolves around love, betrayal, and the lengths to which one can go for family. Set against a backdrop of mystery and suspense, it’s a tale that promises to enthrall from start to finish.


Reviewer NameRatingComment
Amit Desai5/5Absolutely captivating! Best drama this year.
Priya Malhotra4.5/5The twists are mind-boggling. Stellar cast!
Rahul Verma5/5A rollercoaster of emotions. Must-watch!


Got thoughts on Meet – 27th August? We’d love to hear your insights! Dive into the comment section below, share your reviews, and let’s discuss this rollercoaster of a drama. Until next time, keep the drama alive and the discussions lively!

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