Stranger Things; better than what most of the people think

Stranger Things, created by the Duffer brothers, is a science fiction horror drama series, which streams on Netflix. It is set in the 80s. It attracted record viewership from around the world.

Stranger Things Cast:

Stranger Things season 1:

Apnetv brings to you a summary of the season 1 of stranger things.

The vanishing of Will Byers:

At a U.S government laboratory in Hawkins, Indiana, a strange creature attacks a scientist. A 12-year-old boy, Will Byers, vanishes on coming across this creature. Will’s mother reports the disappearance to the police. A girl having a tattoo “011” enters a diner and the owner assumes her name to be Eleven. He calls the social services, but Brenner, who’s monitoring the phone lines, sends his agents who fail to kill Eleven, as she escapes using her Telekinetic abilities.

The weirdo on Maple street:

Mike, Dustin and Lucas find her in the woods. They try to talk to her but she refuses to go out saying that bad men were after her. She then helps to find Will and tells that Will is on the “Upside Down” and that he is being hunted down by the creature named Demogorgon.

Holly, Jolly:

Nancy’s friend Barb vanishes after getting attacked by the Demogorgon. Hopper starts investigating Brenner and finds that a woman alleged that her daughter was taken by Brenner. Will’s sister Nancy comes across Demogorgon but escapes.

The Body:

They come across a body that’s apparently Will’s, but Joyce refuses to believe that her son was dead and tries connecting with him. Eleven, using the radio channel at school, helps Will talk to his mother.

The Flea and the Acrobat:

Meanwhile, Hopper believing that Brenner was behind all this, breaks into his lab. Others try to find the “Gate” that could help them reach Will by traveling in an alternate dimension.

The Monster:

Eleven tells them that Brenner was forcing her to contact the Demogorgon, and she panicked and accidentally opening the “Gate”, thus letting Demogorgon into their dimension.

The Bathtub:

Eleven is being looked at by the government while she tries to find Will and Barb.

Upside Down:

Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan fight and set Demogorgon on fire, who then escapes into the alternate dimension. They then find Will in the Upside down, who remains hospitalized for a month.

Stranger Things season 2:

Apne brings to you the summary of season 2 of stranger things.


A girl with “008” tattooed on her arm is capable of making people see things and is involved with a criminal group. Meanwhile, Will is hallucinating about Upside down.

Trick or Treat, Freak:

Hopper insists Eleven to stay hidden, so she keeps trying to contact Mike using her Telekinetic abilities but is unsuccessful. Dustin finds a strange creature in his trashcan.

The Pollywog:

The creature Dustin found is named Dart and is the same one making noises in Will’s hallucinations. Will after having another episode, gets stabbed in the throat by the shadow monster.

Will the wise:

Will starts acting strangely after gaining consciousness. Dart broke out of the cage, ate Dustin’s cat, and is a baby Demogorgon. Hopper finds a gate to Upside down after digging into one of the pumpkin fields.

Dig Dug:

Dustin captures Dart in the basement,. Joyce, Mike, Bob and will then rescue Dustin.

The Spy:

Will starts demonstrating memory loss and they conclude that Shadow master is a parasite who has taken control over Will’s mind. Dart arrives with lots of adolescent monsters who attack the scientists.

The Lost Sister:

Eleven meets a girl named Kali who has a similar tattoo to her. Kali has the power to make people see things and helps Eleven to strengthen her powers. They go to kill a guy named Ray, who tells them that Brenner is still alive.

The Mind Flayer:

The little creatures kill most of the scientists. After realizing that Will is a spy, they sedate him and manage to escape. They then contact the real Will who tells them about the “Close gate”.

The Gate:

Nancy, Joyce, and Jonathan overheat Will and are successful in purging out the virus. Eleven, with her strengthened powers, closes the gate and kills the creatures.

Stranger Things season 4 release date:

Stranger Things season 4 is expected to premiere in mid-2022.

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