Suhaagan – 3rd september Episode 124


For all you drama enthusiasts and Apne TV aficionados, the latest episode of Suhaagan aired on 3rd September is a must-watch. With a combination of romance, intrigue, and unexpected turn of events, this hindi serial online is creating waves.

Suhaagan - 3rd september Episode 124


Our tale unfurls with Krish, expressing his gratitude to Bindiya for the trust she bestows. But as the festivities continue, underlying secrets about a certain Rudra threaten to disrupt the celebrations. Will the truth outshine deceit? Dive in to find out!


This episode proves why Suhaagan on Apne TV is among the top-rated Indian TV serials online. The perfect blend of drama, emotion, and suspense ensures viewers are glued till the very end. While the characters evoke empathy, the plot remains unpredictable, keeping the audience guessing.


A dramatic confrontation awaits as the truth about Rudra begins to emerge. Will there be a wedding or a heartbreak?

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Apne TV Presents: Suhaagan – 3rd September

At apnetv, where you can watch hindi serials online for free, the tale of Suhaagan takes an unexpected turn in its episode aired on 3rd September. In case you missed the live episode, here’s a brief but intriguing look into what transpired.

Starting off in a tranquil setting, Krish gently swings a seated Bindiya, expressing gratitude for the trust she’s bestowed upon him. The trust is indeed the best Teej gift one could ask for. Now, if you’re a frequent viewer of Suhaagan drama on apnetv, you’d know that Bindiya’s honesty is undeniable. As Krish finds himself swamped in praises and light-hearted jests about love being in the air, a sense of joviality envelops the scene. But all is not as simple as it seems.

Every now and then, one does wish to take a break and catch up on other tasks. But at a ladies function? That’s what Krish thinks as he subtly attempts to sneak out. Only to be held back by the revered Pandit Ji, emphasizing that the puja is to be performed by the couple. As the drama unfolds, you can watch apne TV’s Suhaagan and dive deep into the intricate emotions displayed.

As the importance of the fast is discussed, citing it as Parvati Ji’s way to win over Shiv Ji, Krish, distractedly, stays engrossed in his phone. The twist? Nikku is on to something big. All couples, including Bindiya and Krish, get together to conduct an aarti, praying for the fortitude of their bond. Meanwhile, Apna tv reveals another revelation through Nikku: shocking information concerning Rudra. The drama amplifies when Krish announces that the impending marriage might not take place.

From joyful preparation moments with Payal to discovering shocking truths about Rudra, Suhaagan today’s episode live was nothing short of a roller-coaster. And for those who’d like a recap, you can download episodes directly from our platform.

As we approach the climax, Bindiya’s emotional vulnerability is evident when she stops Payal from using her sindoor. The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Krish, after unveiling Rudra’s deceit, fills sindoor in Payal’s maang.

The anticipation for the next episode is palpable. If you are someone who loves hindi serial online, especially Indian TV serials online, then you mustn’t miss out on Suhaagan at apnetv.

Precap: A dramatic showdown is on the horizon. Who truly deserves Payal’s heart? Catch the next episode on Apne TV hindi TV serials for an epic continuation.

Summary: Suhaagan – 3rd september takes viewers on an intense journey with every episode. To stay updated, ensure you tune into Suhaagan on apnetv – your one-stop destination for all apnetv hindi serials. Don’t just watch, engage with the narrative and be part of the story!

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Common Elements of Drama:

Suhaagan beautifully exemplifies dramatic storytelling with its compelling characters, engaging storyline, and well-timed cliffhangers.

Dramatic Expression:

The characters express their emotions vividly, adding depth to the narrative. Bindiya’s vulnerability and Krish’s determination are palpable throughout.

Dramatic Structure:

With a clear beginning, rising action leading to a climax, and an impending resolution, Suhaagan is a textbook example of effective dramatic structure.


  • Where can I watch Suhaagan’s 3rd September episode?
  • Head over to Apne TV to catch this episode and many others.
  • Can I download episodes?
  • Yes, Suhaagan download episodes are available on Apna TV for offline viewing.
  • What’s special about the 3rd September episode?
  • It’s a whirlwind of emotions, drama, and unexpected revelations.

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Bindiya’s life takes an unexpected turn when secrets begin to unravel in the midst of Teej celebrations. As mysteries unfold, relationships are put to the test in Suhaagan’s 3rd September episode on Apne TV.


Reviewer NameReview
Aisha Verma“A gripping episode! Suhaagan keeps getting better.”
Karan Oberoi“Apne TV’s Suhaagan is a testament to quality Indian TV drama.”
Riya Kapoor“The 3rd September episode was a roller-coaster of emotions. Can’t wait for more!”


What did you think of Suhaagan’s episode on 3rd September? Filled with drama, love, and suspense, it truly is a masterpiece. Comment below and leave a review regarding the article, we’d love to hear from you!

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