Web Series:                                      The Married Woman


The Married Woman Cast:              Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Suhas Ahuja, Imaad Shah


The Married Woman Director:       Sahir Raza


Streaming On:                                  AltBalaji / ZEE5



STORY the Married Woman

The Married Woman, the theme of the bored Indian housewife, either being neglected by her partner or losing the spark in her wedding or dropping far from love,

happens to be attempted lots of times before in Bollywood & Apnetv(rather than the spouse that is prevalent is cheating, with Astitva (2000),

Murder (2004) and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) are the perhaps most obvious films among them on Apne TV.



The theme is being explored — at least with depth and empathy — in a web series for the very time that is first on apneTv. Future Technology

So, does The Married Woman, produced by Ekta Kapoor and Samar Khan, and Ridhi that is Dogra that is starring Monica, Suhaas Ahuja, and Imaad Shah make the cut as one among the more level of memorable entries in this theme?

Future Technology Well Apne tv Show, not entirely, but that is not saying that the show won’t have its plus points or facets being engaging.

The Married Woman Review on Apne Tv

Predicated on Manju Kapur’s novel ‘A Married Woman’ this series is 11-part directed by Sahir Raza. The show addresses many subjects like same-sex love, ladies trapped in marriages, patriarchy along with other

social and gender issues which are still considered taboo in the setting to our society of the tense situation because of public riots. Apne tv Serial.


Apne Tv, In this Serial The married woman, The writers (Jaya Misra, Aparna Nadig, and Surabhi Saral) have actually done a work that is commendable management Astha’s feelings with so sensitivity that is much.

Nevertheless, it is a slow-burner which is fairly disappointing and watchers often think it is a battle to remain connected to the plot Apnetv.

Also, Astha’s liking that is immediate strong emotions that are passionate Peeplika looks quite unconvincing and abnormal.


When Ashtha achieved at home, Hemant is screaming at Ashtha extremely loudly. He’s wanting to convince her, that she’s doing wrong, this connection can’t work for a long time. Piplika is betraying you, she can anytime be left you.


Ashtha was listening quietly but out of the blue, she break her determination and said to Hemant – First time in 1986 a condom was seen by me in your bag, and when you result from Tokyo,

I always saw a condom in your bag. But still, we never state you any globe this is certainly solitary. Apne tv, You don’t know my likes and dislike. You think you’re a husband that is perfect and this thought of yours causes you to pleasure.


Hemant is Ashtha that is thinking is on him because she wants to cover her truth. Now he begins to an insolence talk he said before relationship you had been nothing,

Hemant is losing their perseverance and talking disgusting to her with her. Most likely this Ashtha got tears inside her eyes, and begin to bring her clothes.


Ashtha Made Her Mind (Apne Tv)

The lyrics of this title track ‘Bematlab’ by Amrita Bagchi are fairly well-written. It enhances the impact associated with land, particularly when it’s used as a background rating.

Ridhi Dogra as Astha is reasonably impressive. She seamlessly slips into her character and conveys her feelings as being a girl who is careful expressing her desires,

yet not willing to suppress all of them any longer. Moreover, the breaking-the-fourth-wall type of narration appropriately offers voice to her thoughts and makes an image this is certainly obvious to the viewers.


Through a mixture of sensuality and profundity, Apne tv, Monica Dogra has actually played her component well. From one of the other countries in the cast,

Suhaas Ahuja does work that is good for a patriarchal husband which dismisses their partner’s feelings. Imaad Shah is head-strong and highly opinionated as a human this is certainly intellectual liberal reasoning.

All said, ‘The Married Woman’ takes a long time to help make its point heard however it is the performances that hold your interest throughout.


Aastha Feelings

Aastha (Ridhi Dogra) does not feel the love or interest anymore from her husband, Hemant (Suhaas Ahuja), apnetv, also to make

matters worse, her routine presence in conjunction with the causal patriarchy of her residence has started suffocating her.


In this situation, she learns that lost spark sideways with her new partner, Eijaz (Imaad Shah) at the university she displays,

but that she and Eijaz’s wife, Piplika (Monica Dogra), grow near to each other after he does not reciprocate her thoughts, circumstances ensure such.


Review Episode 10 & 11

In the Married Woman Season 1 Episode 9, we saw Apne tv, that Ashtha made her brain go with Piplika. Consequently, Hemant is persuading her,

but even he performedn’t accept his fault, that he never understood Ashtha’s like & dislike.

“Unbelievable Approach Of Love Yonder Gender”


Additionally, he feels superiority that Ashtha, would always be thankful to him, she became a husband like him. Apne tv serial Exactly how will Ashtha & Piplika’s love relation work forward?


In order to make your continuity in the Married ended up being read by the showgirl Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10 & 11). Furthermore, you’ll get now an Apnetv review of The Married Woman.


The Married Woman Ending Story Apne TV


Now Ashtha is making her young ones independent, if she’ll be getting somewhere, in this example her youngster is likely to know every single thing, how to handle.




  • When you look at the scene this is certainly next whenever Ashtha goes to meet Piplika, she discovers Piplika’s mom there. Where does Piplika’s mother inform Ashtha,


  • why she be hated her girl? Piplika is threatening her mother, going from her house. But Piplika’s mom is saying, she can’t enable Piplika, to destroy somebody’s life.


  • Piplika’s mother says to Ashtha, that Piplika is bi-sexual from her youth, at school & university, she has many affairs with girls and boys. Furthermore, Piplika destroys everybody life’s, whoever moved along with her.


  • Piplika’s mother tells her tale that is many just how destroy her close people live. Piplika’s action daddy always aided her, he never ever thought embarrassing about Piplika,

an additionally Piplika is the one reason behind her dad being in jail. She’s selfish.




Whenever Ashtha head to the house to take her bags, she found Babbu. Where Babbu is saying to Ashtha – She doesn’t like Piplika, plus the justification is not that she’s bi-sexual or lesbian,

moreover the reason why is she doesn’t like her intention. Because last time when Babbu saw all of them kiss each other, that Piplika called Babbu, to came in the balcony,

after which she deliberately kissed you, and I also was searching all of you similar to this day. Piplika was driving me to laugh, I don’t know what she desire to prove to do all of this intentionally.


The reason why Ashtha does wish to with not Piplika?


After hearing Babbu, Ashtha gets dumbfounded, since this is unbelievable. Today Ashtha head to fulfill Piplika, and get her the reason why she performed this?



Piplika answer her – That Piplika wants to stay with her quickly and to make all this process quickly, I deliberately labeled it as, Babbu,

used to do it all that individuals can stay collectively for you, once your family gets mindful after. That is why it absolutely was carried out by me personally.

Ashtha is saying and sobbing she break her trust, and she’s feeling the same as she felt using the Hemant. Asha’s life decision has had by her family and her husband, and after this Piplika performed things that are exactly the same her.


Then Ashtha denies going to Paris with Piplika. Piplika is crying and feeling sorry and saying her intention was to be wrong never ever. But Ashtha dismissed her and goes from there.


At the final end of the tale, we heard Hemant’s vocals, where he’s saying to Ashtha, to offer him, his clothing. That Ashtha that is mean is living her life as before.





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