Tiger 3 2023 Movie Download on Apnetv

Once upon a screen, in the heart of Bollywood’s cinematic universe, a tale unfolded, echoing with the thunderous roars of espionage and untold secrets. Picture this – “Tiger 3,” a 2023 Hindi thriller that plunged audiences into the depths of a world where action reverberated, and the line between hero and villain blurred.

In the tapestry of time, we rewind to 1999, where a young Zoya witnessed a tragedy that would shape her destiny. Fast forward to the present, where Avinash “Tiger” Singh Rathore, played by the charismatic Salman Khan, is thrust back into the world of covert missions. RAW chief Maithili Menon, portrayed by Revathi, summons Tiger to unravel a web of deceit, starring none other than ISI agent Zoya, played by the enigmatic Katrina Kaif.

Tiger 3 2023 Movie Download on Apnetv

As the plot thickens, the duo, along with their team of skilled agents, embarks on a mission that spans the vibrant streets of Delhi, the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, and exotic locales like Istanbul and Vienna. The espionage dance takes them to the edge, as they race against time to thwart a coup orchestrated by the formidable Aatish Rehman, portrayed by the ever-intense Emraan Hashmi.

But this isn’t just any mission; it’s a cinematic extravaganza. With a budget that would make your jaw drop – ₹300 crore – “Tiger 3” became one of the most expensive Indian films to grace the silver screen. Principal photography, a globe-trotting adventure, commenced in March 2021, capturing the essence of each location with finesse.


Salman Khan, reprising his role as the iconic Tiger, leads a star-studded cast that includes Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi, and a lineup of talented actors, each breathing life into their characters. The chemistry between Tiger and Zoya, the magnetic pull of Aatish’s dark allure, and the supporting cast create a symphony that resonates through the frames.

Released on 12th November 2023, “Tiger 3” became a rollercoaster of emotions, eliciting a myriad of reactions. Critics lauded the gripping action sequences, the musical brilliance infused by Pritam, and the stellar performances of Kaif and Hashmi. Yet, like any blockbuster, it faced its share of criticisms for plot intricacies and pacing.

The box office, however, tells a tale of triumph. “Tiger 3” emerged victorious, grossing a staggering ₹466.63 crore worldwide. Its theatrical reign ended on Amazon Prime Video on 7th January 2024, inviting those who missed the grand spectacle to relive the thrill.

And so, the story of “Tiger 3” etches itself into the annals of Bollywood lore. A tale where heroes grapple with shadows, love blurs with intrigue, and the pulse of espionage beats in sync with the rhythm of a captivating narrative. So, my friends, if you haven’t experienced the thunderous roars of “Tiger 3” yet, buckle up for a cinematic journey that promises nothing short of a blockbuster adventure.

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