Toy Story; everything about all the parts

Toy story is an American animated comedy movie released in 1995. The movie was produced by Pixar Animation Studios.


The movie was produced by Bonnie Arnold and Ralph Guggenheim, and the executive producer was Steve Jobs and Edwin Catmull under the poster of Walt Disney Pictures.

Its first part was directed by John Lasseter and written by Joss Whedon, Andrew Stanton, and Joel Cohen. It was edited by Robert Gordon and Lee Unkrich. Its music was produced by Randy Newman.


Tom Hanks, Don Rickles, Tim Allen, Jim Varney, Wallace Shawn, Lee Ermey, John Ratzenberger, Annie Potts, Laurie Metcalf, John Morris, and Erin von Detten voiced the Toy story characters.


Apnetv brings to you the plot and review of all the Toy Story movies.

Toy Story:

The movie revolves around a group of living toys, who around human beings presume lifelessness. The toys feel uneasy when Andy has organized his birthday party a week early; to ease them, Sheriff Woody, the owner’s favorite toy, sends his army men to spy on the surprise opening with a monitor.


The other toys are at peace when Andy doesn’t get anything in gifts that could be their replacement. Andy then gets a surprise gift at the very last moment- a light-year action figure who thinks he is an actual space ranger. Buzz impresses other partner toys with his several features and replaces other toys as Andy’s new favorite, making Woody jealous.

Woody and Buzz fallout:

Andy’s family plans a dinner at a restaurant and he is allowed to take one of his toys with him in the car. Woody tries to use his new features to ensure that he goes with Andy and not Buzz. In the attempts, he accidentally collides with Buzz and falls from the table; but Andy comes at the last moment and prevents him from falling. All the toys blame Woody for this. They think that he has done all this intentionally.

From car to the truck:

Andy takes both of them with him. They start to fight in the car and fall out of the car. They get into another truck. One of Andy’s friends takes them to his house. They destroy another mutant toy made up of a large number of small toys.

Buzz breaks his wings:

As Woody is trying to escape the route, Buzz is shocked by a TV ad that says that he is an actual toy. To prove him wrong, he tries to fly ad in this attempt, breaks his wings. One of Sid’s toys helps him fix his wings. Both of them become friends and they realize that their purpose is to make Andy happy. At Christmas, Sarge and his men spy on the gift opening ceremony again. Andy gets a new puppy.


It is a very beautiful movie. Any person who loves animation and humor has to watch this movie. It was a big hit at the time of its release and the reason is that not just the kids but the adults enjoy this movie as well. It has brought a whole new definition of animation to the movies. The graphics, the music, the voice-over; everything is wonderful.

Toy Story 2:

Toy Story Part 2 was released on November 24, 1999. A toy collector steals Woody. Buzz and his friends plan a mission to rescue him. They make several adventures and finally manage to help him escape that evil-minded thief. Andy and all the toys become very happy.

REVIEW:     When I watched the first part, I thought if some sequel were made, it wouldn’t match the first one. But when I watched this movie, it proved me wrong. No doubt it’s an amazing movie, but it has no match with part one. It has more depth and plenty of intense scenes than the old one. There is a bit of lack of humor in this movie. I would give this movie 8.5/10.

Toy Story 3:

Toy Story part 3 was released on June 18, 2010. Andy’s toys are accidentally donated to some day-care center instead of the right place before Andy goes to college, and Woody tries to make other toys believe that Andy hasn’t thrown them away and it’s just a mistake.


Part 3 is beautifully designed. The music is exceptional. I love parts 1 and 2 but I have to say that this part has also managed to make a special place in my heart. The storyline is tremendously engaging with a lot of humor and some emotions. Dialogues were beautifully written. When Buzz was speaking Spanish, it was so good to see him. Buzz was a complete delight. Mr. Potato was hilarious. The new characters were also amazing. I want to give this movie a 10/10.

Toy Story 4:

Toy Story Part 4 was released in 2019. Woody, Buzzer, and the gang set forth on a road trip with a new partner named Forky. Their adventurous trip transforms into a wonderful reunion as Woody meets his old friend Bo Peep. They recall their past life and what they have gone through all these years.

Then they realize with the passage of time, they have become so different from each other that their thoughts, their aims, and their lifestyle; everything has changed.

REVIEW:  This part of the movie is a little heart-breaking. Watching the previous parts felt like we are still kids. But watching this one feels like we have become adults now. When Andy leaves behind all his toys and goes to college, it shows that no affection is ever-lasting. When Woody and his friend talk about their past, it shows the agony of life. It shows that when people live apart from each other for a long time, they become so different from each other that it’s even difficult to recognize each other.

Facts about Tom Hanks:

How tall is Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks is 1.83m or 6′ tall.

How old is Tom Hanks?

As of 2021, Tom Hanks is 65 years old.

Tom Hanks wife:

Tom Hanks was married to Samantha Lewes from 1978 to 1987, and he is married to Rita Wilson since 1988.

Tom Hanks Movies:

Forrest Gump, Cast Away, The Green Mile, Catch me if you can, Saving private Ryan, The Da Vinci code, Grey Hound, Big and others.

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