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Ufone internet packages

Ufone internet packages

Ufone, the leading telecommunications provider in Pakistan, offers over 23 million customers enticing daily, weekly, and monthly internet bundles. Ever since its founding in 2001, the company has made it its mission to give its consumers with high-quality internet at reasonable rates. In addition, the business launched its 4G services nationwide in February 2019. Ufone has introduced multiple internet bundles for its customers since the advent of 4G service; we will go over each of them in turn.

You can choose from “Special Daily,” “Daily Light,” “Daily Heavy,” and “Daily Mega” for your daily online needs. For just Rs. 6, consumers can get 500 MB of social media data (including Facebook, Twitter, Line, and WhatsApp) and 50 MB of other data from 1 AM to 9 PM with the “Special Daily” internet bundle. Customers can activate the package by using the Ufone mobile app or website, or by dialing *3461# on their phones. Dial *706# to see how much time and data are left in the current bundle.

For just Rs. 12, buyers may get the “Daily Light Bundle,” which includes 500 MB for social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, and Twitter, plus an additional 40 MB for everything else. Dial *2256# or download the Ufone app to subscribe to this incredible data plan.

Customers who spend a lot of time on social media platforms may appreciate the “Daily Heavy” bundle, which offers 500 MB of social media data (including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Line) plus 75 MB of data for everything else, all for just Rs. 18 per day. To take advantage of this great deal, interested customers can subscribe to the bundle by dialing *2258# on their mobile device or accessing the offer through the official Ufone website or mobile app.

If you’re a prepaid subscriber who uses the majority of your data in the wee hours of the morning, you can get your hands on a bundle that gives you 2 GB of continuous internet access from 1 AM to 8 AM every day for just Rs. Those who are interested can sign up for this bundle by dialing *550# on their phones or by using the “My Ufone” app. Prepaid SIM card holders can access their usage history by dialing *706# or by downloading the “My Ufone” app.

An additional daily internet bundle costs just Rs. 6 and provides users with 500 MB of WhatsApp data and 10,000 SMS for the duration of the day. Customers can sign up for the “Daily Chat” package by going to the Ufone app or dialing *3465# from their mobile device. By dialing *706# on their mobile device, customers can see what freebies are still available with their plan.

Daily all-in-one packages from Ufone start at just Rs. 18 and include 100 minutes to use on both Ufone and PTCL as well as 10 megabytes of internet use. Those who are interested in receiving the “Daily Pakistan” offer can do so by dialing *888# on their mobile phone.

All of Ufone’s daily internet packages, including details like total data volume in the bundle, activation code, and price, are included below for your convenience.

Daily Light Rs. 14 40 MB Plus (1 GB Whatsapp, Youtube Facebook,Twitter, Line) 1 Day *2256#
Mega Internet Bucket Rs. 20 2GB 12 AM – 12 PM 1 Day *550#
Best Morning Offer Rs. 7 (incl. tax) 2GB (9AM – 12PM) 1 Day Dial *4200#
Daily Offpeak Plus Rs. 13 (incl. tax) 1.5GB (6AM-6PM) 1 Day Dial *10#
Streaming Offer Rs. 10 (incl. tax) 500 MB for Youtube, Daily Motion 1 Day Dial *78#
Daily WhatsApp Offer Rs. 1.5 (incl. tax) 100 MBs for WhatsApp 1 Day Dial *987#
Daily Chat Rs. 6 (incl. tax) 500 MB for Whatsapp + 10,000 SMS 1 Day Dial *3465#

Weekly Ufone Internet Packages

The Ufone internet packages are delivered to you every week. You can choose from a wide variety of packages, all at unbelievably low prices. Ufone’s 3G/4G weekly bundles are as follows. The best one can be found if you take the time to evaluate your needs. When you’re ready to get an Ufone number, you can do so right on their website. Here are Ufone’s various weekly net pkgs. In the table below, you’ll find the prices and activation codes.

Upower Internet Rs. 250 (Load) 16GB (includes 8GB from 2am to 2pm) 7 Days Dial *270#
Sab se Bari Offer Rs. 299 (Load) 40 GB, On-net 5000 mins Dial *7777#
Sab se Bari Plus offer Rs. 350 (Load) 40 GB, on-net 5000 mins, off-net 200 mins, SMS 5000 7 Days Use My Ufone App
Super Internet Rs.160 (load) 1.5 GB 7 Days Dial *220#
Weekly Internet Plus Rs. 220 (load) 10GB (includes 5GB from 1am to 9am) 7 Days Dial *260#
YouTube offer Rs. 120 (load) 5 GB YouTube 7 Days Dial *5883#
Ufone TikTok offer Rs. 70 (load) 1.5 GBs for TikTok 7 Days Dial *2345#
Ufone Snack Video Offer Rs. 70 (Load) 2.5 GBs for Snack video 7 Days Dial *265#
Weekly Internet Max Offer Rs. 90 (Load) 25 GB (1 AM till 9 AM ) 7 Days Dial *2570#

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