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Zong Internet Packages 2023

Zong Daily Internet Packages

In 1991, Zong was opened for business under the name Paktel by Cable & Wireless. It was the first business in Pakistan to receive a free license to provide cellular phone services. Until its debut of GSM services in 2004, the company provided AMPS services. After Cable & Wireless sold Paktel to Millicom Corporation in 2003, Paktel became a part of Millicom. When Millicom International Cellular S.A. wanted to sell its stake in Paktel Limited to China Mobile in January 2007, China Mobile was interested. The value of Paktel was suggested by the sale.

Paktel Limited rebranded as China Mobile Pakistan in May 2007. China Mobile revealed its enlarged ownership in CMPak in May 2007. Beginning on April 1, 2008, Paktel became known as Zong.

In addition to 2G and 3G and 4G speeds, it provides a wide variety of Zong net packages. Following are Zong’s most popular daily internet bundles.

Customers can subscribe to the Daily Basic Internet Package by phoning *6464# and checking their remaining data by dialing *102#; when the bundle expires, customers will be charged an out-of-bundle fee of Rs 1 per MB.

Subscribe to the Daily Basic Premium Internet Package and get 500 MB of data for 1 day for only Rs 25+tax by dialing *6464#; to see how much data you have left, dial *102#.

Package Name
Zong Free 3G,4G Package For Facebook
Rs 0
Zong Twitter only 3G,4G Package
Rs 2
Zong Daily Facebook  3G,4G Package
Rs 5
Zong Full Gup Package
Rs 5
Zong Classified Pack
Rs 5
Zong Daily SMS + Whatsapp Bundle
Rs 7
Zong Social Pack(Facebook, Whatsapp
, Twitter)
Rs 10


Zong Weekly Net Packages


Zong consistently provides its loyal customer base with high quality, low cost internet bundles. Due to these extra measures, Zong is now more dependable as a corporation. Users can choose between Zong Daily net Package or Zong Weekly Internet Package, both of which include Zong’s fast and reliable network. You can use the MBS in your weekly offer for the entire week without running out. In that time frame, a user can both download and upload files. There is a reasonable and appealing cost to these bundles.
Weekly Zong Internet Bundles
Zong’s weekly plans are outlined below. The amount of MBS in each of them is good for a full week. Zong values its clients and acts accordingly by offering reasonable bundles of service. Keep reading to select the weekly plan that best suits your needs.

Zong New SIM Offer
Rs 0
Zong 4G Sim Upgrade Offer
Rs 0
Zong Weekly SMS Bundle
Rs 21
Zong Shandar Weekly Package
Rs 120
Zong Mega Weekly Offer
Rs 160
Zong Super Weekly  3G,4G Package
Rs 165
Zong All-in-One Bundle
Rs 200
Zong Punjab Offer
Rs 230


Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong typically provides three distinct internet service plans. Internet plans from Zong for a single day, a week, or a whole month. Zong’s monthly plans are ideal for heavy internet users who can’t go without access.

In order to prevent having to repeatedly subscribe to the same internet service, they should sign up for a monthly bundle. In the Zong monthly internet package section, you may choose from a number of different packages, each with its own set of features, speed, and pricing. Users can view all available Zong Internet package options and pick one that best suits their needs.

Zong IMO Offer
Rs 30
Zong WhatsApp Offer
Rs 30
Zong Monthly Mini 3G,4G Package
Rs 50
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle
Rs 50
Zong Monthly Basic 500 3G,4G Package
Rs 150
Zong Shandar Monthly Package
Rs 300


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