Hero Gayab Mode Serial Sab Tv

Hero Gayab Mode Serial Sab Tv Unlike to the name proposes, the serial is not around a zoo but rather a house named after the owners wife-Chidiya Narayan. This serial tries to demonstrate the creature characteristics in people anxiety like monkeys, hungers like elephants, quickness of a steed, and slowness of a donkey and so on. This show Hero Gayab Mode Serial Sab Tv showcases the adventure from a four legged animal to a two legged one inculcating basics of human values like love, , appreciation for others, patience and the true meaning of a family and togetherness is the thing that makes us people. The show is on air since November 28, 2011 on SAB TV. It is a half hour show telecasts at 9:00 PM from Monday to Friday.
The show Hero Gayab Mode has a crisp idea that spins around an extraordinary thought that we people too have creature characteristics and our qualities and society isolates us from.This is a story of retired, Shri Kesari Narayan and his two children Gomukh and Ghotak, their particular wives, Mayuri and Koel; more youthful child Kapi; grandchildren Gillu and Gaj; girl Maina and Son in law Tota.

Hero Gayab Mode Serial Sab Tv The best some portion of this serial is that it has no story like most serials disclosed on SAB TV or different channels. The fundamental character (Kesari Narayan) educates a lesson to his grand children and next couple of scenes is coordinated towards that instructing by genuine illustrations. It is an exceptionally creative approach to push ahead the serial.
The best possible family situated serial that can be appreciated by your grandparents and grandchildren in the meantime. The story in light of human qualities and teachings.