Madam Sir Serial On Sab Tv Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

Madam Sir Serial On Sab Tv


Madam Sir Serial, Whenever we discuss giggling cop shows, the principal name which consistently rings a bell is FIR. SAB TV currently is again stepping on a similar way with a show named Madam Sir.

Producers, Jay Mehta, have attempted to make the plot not the same as the above Kavita Kaushik droll, which continued forever. Madam Sir is more cut of life. Here, the stick is shared by SHO Hasina Malik (Gulki Joshi) and assessor Karishma Sharma (Yukti Kapoor)


Madam Sir Serial On Sab Tv Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv
Madam Sir Serial On Sab Tv Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv


The title, Madam Sir Serial,  alludes to how police faculty tends to their lady’s seniors.

The other principal cast incorporates head constable Puspa Singh (Sonali Naik), who is additionally the relative of Karishma, and constable Santosh Sharma attempted by Bhavika Sharma, individually.

Police Headquarter (Madam Sir Serial)

The setting is just ladies’ police headquarters housed in Mughal post, which is near the conclusion for the absence of FIRs. To add humor, they show neighborhood retailers attempting to jump in for delinquency of contribution.

Pushpa, Karishma, and Santosh attempt to dodge local people, politeness shrouded entryways, however, collide with new SHO (Hasina), who allows them 24 hours to remain in business. ( Fleeing cops, not a decent message)

Hasina additionally assuages the furious retailer by saying all exchanges from this time forward will be in real money. Pushpa coordinates a shoestring planned occasion to assemble nearby ladies, who Hasina urges to make some noise.

Tragically nobody sans the station assist needs with making some noise, yet the cops won’t focus on, thinking she is again requesting her duty.

Police Station Situation

The main legitimate case they may have is of instruction racket, however, will they get enough proof against a nearby strongman to begin lawful procedures.

There are just two men in the thana, one is a cop who is stricken by Santosh, and the other is an interminable detainee who implores god to keep the station going, in case he will lose his lone sanctuary.

Savvy Hasina knows the significance of remaining inside the law and furthermore keeping her cool. Her presentation scene plainly demonstrated who is in control?

Single Hasina at that point meets an eatery proprietor for a potential marital partnership, yet he is by all accounts a run-of-the-mill MCP, who doesn’t need ladies to work post marriage.

Gulki character

Down and out, Gulki suits the character perfectly and furthermore looked truly fit. The scene where she pursues the pickpocket renews her obstinate cop certifications.

Karishma, on her part, is the female form of days of old irate cop Vijay ( The Big B), who accepts that lawbreakers just comprehend the language of power.

Her homegrown conflicts with her relative and philosophical issues with Hasina makes for a fascinating watch. Watchers would need to Karishama’s significant other and some sentiment. Yukti is by all accounts exaggerating the boisterous part

                           (given that the arrangement doesn’t consider genuine activity)

In addition to side, she has the neighborhood lingo well. Sonali is a previous expert of the acting exchange. The scene where Pushpa guides what to cook at home while on the job is intelligent of how easily ladies handle both work and homegrown duties.

Bhavika Sharma is adorable as the stupid blonde. Since there will be rambling plots, a ton will rely upon the visitor projecting. On the off chance that the last is acceptable, the narratives will come out well.


While trying to adhere to the happy kind, the vast majority of the cases ought not to be grim. Hasina and the group will likewise attempt to handle homegrown harmony as mohalla cops are needed to do as a component of their beat work.

All things considered, a decent exertion, however, the greatest issue would be examinations with FIR.

Madam Sir Serial On Sab Tv Review

Madam Sir Serial On Sab Tv Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

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