Qurbaan Hua Serial Zee5 Tv Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

Qurbaan Hua Serial Zee5 Apne Tv


Qurbaan Hua, The New Zee TV show, Qurbaan Hua, appears to have all the features of a bad-to-the-bone TV dramatization. The initial four scenes have held our consideration, and I could undoubtedly marathon watch all.

Qurbaan Hua

The story is by all accounts unique, i.e., a Hindu Muslim romantic tale that can give emollient in the present exceptionally overcharged times.

We preferred the Uttrakhand journey background with the nearby pahadi neighborhood, tossed in for good measure.

Qurbaan Hua Serial Zee5 Tv Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv
Qurbaan Hua Serial Zee5 Tv Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

Lead Character

Lead character Neel (Karan Jotwani) is occupied with an interminable clash with his mahant father (Aayam Mehta). The last needs him to proceed with the family clerical convention, while the previous wishes to fly free, seeking after his gourmet expert desire. Qurbaan Hua

His lone emotionally supportive network is his pregnant senior sister Saraswati (Sonali Nikam), who attempts to overcome any barrier among father and sibling. Her significant other is confident in the mahant and old-school strictness.

One scene which dazzled us was the point at which a hen’s home squares the parade way, instead of wrecking this building of life, the mahant picked another way saying religion never authorizes decimation (A harsh exercise to all Indians today)

Slice to Delhi, where Neel attempts to adhere to his pledge of day by day carrying out one beneficial thing as a trade-off for issue-free pregnancy. Similar blows all over when he bursts into a fire shooting arrangement believing it to be a genuine occurrence

Qurbaan Hua, Here, creator of Ful House Media exaggerated the brother-sister love part, in particular,

when his senior gourmet expert requests that he eliminate his month-old rakhi, he vows to cook just with one hand. Would it be a good idea for him to not have been given the formal notice there and afterward?

Neel at that point needs to surge home for some pooja with specific desserts. Be that as it may,

the lead female character Chahat coincidentally takes the desserts in her endeavor to take care of and save some bum children. Pratibha Ranta’s bicycle section was something else for a female lead.

The furious hooligans at that point attempt to capture Chahat, yet Neil is additionally going on a similar transport (what an occurrence both live in a similar slope town-). He saves her by professing to be a spouse.

Bus Scene

The scene where both leave at the bus stop with Hindu – Muslim strict images on the contrary side was an unmistakable token of the present mutual gap.

Chat gets back to her notable Gynecologist, Dr. Ask. The scene where the dad makes a wooden nameplate for his recently printed MBBS little girl clearly portrays father-little girl holding.

Dr. Beg’s subsequent spouse, Gazala (Parakh Madan), doesn’t care for Chahat the slightest bit and attempts to keep father-girl separated. The scene where she breaks the mirror on correlation was old-style vamp stuff, unfortunately, done to death.

Neel, then again, scarcely makes it as expected for the parade, yet again father ticks him off for not washing. So he takes a plunge in the sacred Ganges, and once more, Chahat comes there and pushes his lungi. The ensuing chat made for welcome passionate help.

Gazala further attempts to mix inconvenience by making a clamor about sindoor which unintentionally got to Chahat’s hair, and furthermore sends her out during her gathering in an offer to bring down her

picture before her father. Be that as it may, here, Chahat’s dupatta helps Neel, who was attempting to keep the blessed fire from dousing.


The story is presently good to go to open up for sure. It is intriguing to perceive how Neel marries Chahat when he cherishes another person.

The whole handyman scene was enjoyable. We won’t be astonished if the creator’s power Neel to find employment elsewhere to get back for useful for else in what manner will the story continue on the off chance that they in Delhi?

Karan is working superbly demonstrating feelings, particularly when he talks about his on-screen mother’s downfall and his dad’s heartless disposition. Prathiba gives indications of early splendor.

Hindu – Muslim romantic tale as of now has a great deal of natural show and danger, we trust the creators cease from adding a lot of TV masala. Care likewise needs to be taken to guarantee that all slants are similarly regarded

Maker Sonali Jaffar is an accomplished TV hand having made shows like Tujhese Hai Raabta so she will know what precisely not to do.

Qurbaan Hua Serial Zee5 Tv

Qurbaan Hua Serial Zee5 Tv Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

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