Molkki Serial On Colors Tv

Made by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, Molkki Serial On Colors Tv is an Indian drama on Colors TV. Coordinated by Pawan Kumar, the show is likewise delivered by Rashmi Sharma. The show began on April 24, 2011 with a story in light of two residential area sisters, Simra played by Deepika Samson and Roli by Avika Gor. Simar, the senior sister got hitched in Bharadwaj family to their senior child Prem as of now played by Dheeraj Dhoopar. At first the story concentrated on Simar’s adventure in her Sasural. Presently another plot and parcel of new characters have been presented in the show. the show that began with the subject of ‘ladies strengthening’ by highlighting the way that ladies ought to take after their fantasies even after their marriage – has now transformed into an unrealistic and unimaginable psychotic drama.
‘Molkki Serial On Colors Tv’ is the trip of a normal youthful residential area young lady, Simar, who has grown up with solid white collar class values. Her life takes a sharp turn when her passion of dancing clashes with the conservative values of middle class. She begins pursuing her fantasy with backing from her spouse, yet without letting any other person in the family know. This find the stowaway makes numerous testing and intriguing circumstances which are managed in a cheerful manner.