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Molkki Serial On Colors Tv

Molkki Serial

Colors Tv, Molkki is the custom of buying a bride for money that prevails even now in Haryana. It is a custom wherein the family of a poor sells their daughter to a rich person in return for huge money and property.

The concept has been very effectively telling here, and this decides the fate of a girl born to an extremely poor family, Purvi (Priyal Mahajan).


Molkki Serial On Colors Tv Review


Virendra Pratap Singh

Thakur Virendra Pratap Singh (Amar Upadhyay) has a haunting past and misses his wife Sakshi who is no more now. He lives with her memories and even hallucinates about a particular incident that took her away from him.

There is a past connection to him losing his wife and to his kids, is what we guess. Virendra Pratap Singh has no connection whatsoever towards his two kids Manas and Juhi. The children long to get the attention and love of their father.

Prakash Devi Colors Tv

Prakash Devi (Supriya Shukla) and her brother Bheem (Abhay Bhargava) are highly respected by Thakur. Though he keeps himself aloof and shuts the doors of happiness from his life,

Thakur Virendra

Thakur Virendra Pratap Singh can do anything for his family. He also holds all the power and uses it for the right causes. He hates the betrayer and looks for justice at all times.

His only dream is to reopen the mill named after his wife Sakshi. And this actually becomes the reason for Virendra to remarry.

His Mama tactfully puts Virendra in a dilemma when he asks him to get married in order to save his dear mill which is on his name. Prakash and Bheem realize the absence of a mother figure for the children and want a lady in the house to take care of Virendra’s kids and handle the house well.

On the other hand, we have Purvi’s family. The drunkard father Mahesh (Ved Bharadwaj) is the catalyst for Purvi’s Molkki and tactfully makes it happen. Mother (Meena Mir) is the helpless poor one who wants to see her daughters married into good families. Purvi’s sister Priyashi (Dhwani Gori) is in love with a village boy Naveen and is even pregnant with his kid.

Purvi & Virendra

Molkki Serial, Purvi, and Virendra’s fates start clashing when for the first time, Purvi and Thakur have a chance meeting at the mill. Later, Purvi’s daring act at Sudha’s wedding wherein she tries to nab the thief

Who had stolen Prakashi’s necklace comes to the notice of all in Thakur’s family. The lake scene wherein Virendra assumes that Purvi falls into the water was engaging.

With the wedding happening between Purvi and Virendra amid the attempts of Vipul to stop the wedding, the drama quotient in the show has been spot on with the first week bringing in many high points.

About Story

The look and feel of the show are realistic and applaudable. The story has been moving at a good pace. The show has a good cast which is spearheaded ably by Amar Upadhyay, Supriya Shukla, and Abhay Bhargava.

The makers have kept the intrigue alive with both the bride and groom not aware of being part of a marriage involving Molkki. The only person apart from Purvi’s father who knows it is Priyashi, who decides to rather keep quiet in order to get her desired soulmate.

Colors Tv

The complications in the tale have been depicted well. The manner in which Purvi’s father succeeds in hiding the big secret about who the groom is was interesting. The tactful play of Kanja (Sanjay Swaraj), who is solely responsible for the Molkki to happen, was again worth watching.


Molkki Serial On Colors Tv


The important drama scenes have been really engaging. The introductory scene of Amar Upadhyay at the village was good. The scenes depicting the poverty of Purvi and their family, wherein their house is flooded with water, and the fact that they long to have good food provided goosebumps.

Coming to performances, Amar Upadhyay and Abhay Bhargava excel. Amar falls into the elite group of actors who can effortlessly play any tough role. Thakur Virendra Pratap Singh is a role made for him.

Supriya Shukla

Molkki Serial, Colors Tv, Supriya Shukla has time and again proven that she can play the mother with all kinds of variety to it. While she is the ever-sobbing mother in Kundali Bhagya, we see her playing a much more confident one here. Abhay Bhargava is really good.

Priyal Mahajan for a newcomer is really good. She has been at her best in the first week for sure!!

The only thing that was off the radar and out of place is the possibility of a mystery track in the Thakur household. The manner in which the focus is kept on a door in the house that is permanently locked did make us wonder whether we are seeing a drama show or a supernatural/horror genre show.

Again, the body language of the main help in the Thakur household did give us second thoughts on the genre of the show. Wonder whether there is going to be a big playout that will add a mystery element to the whole tale!!

Producer Ekta Kapoor and her think-tank have come up with a good concept. We only hope that this is kept only as a drama series in the days to come!!

Overall, an engaging plot with realistic and acceptable twists.

Though Molkki is not the usual show with the flavor of romance and drama, we believe that it has the needed ingredients to keep viewers engrossed.

We give Molkki 3 out of 5 stars.

Molkki Serial On Colors Tv Review Interesting Elements

Molkki Serial On Colors Tv Review Interesting Elements

Molkki Serial On Colors Tv Review Interesting Elements

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