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Rajiv Adatia To Enter The House


Bigg Boss 15, Weekend Special Salman welcomes everybody to the show. He says all inmates are within the house however they got contended by Bigg Boss. He says we tend to give a task to the inmates.

In the House: Nishant reads the task within which Karan, Shamita, and Jay are rated by the inmates on the premise of – 100 percent original – 100 percent pretend – 50-50 fake-original  At the top of the task, all inmates have to be compelled to rate these 3.


Bigg Boss 15 Umar & Karan

They begin with: Umar: He rates Karan 100 percent original, jay 50-50, he says Shamita is 100 percent pretend. Ishaan: He rates Karan-Jay as 100 percent original, he rates Shamita 50-50. Miesha:

She rates Jay 100 percent original, she rates 50-50% Karan, she rates 50-50% for Shamita. Simba: He rates Karan as 100 percent original, Jay and Shamita as 50-50%. Vishal:

He says Shamita doesn’t want Maine, she didn’t favor Maine within the task. She didn’t let Maine cheat the last task. He rates Shamita as 100 percent original. He rates Karan as 50-50.


What’s happening in the Bigg Boss House


  • Deepak starts the Bigg Boss debate by saying that he is good-looking but he doesn’t carry himself well. he comments on how Divya Agarwal is also good-looking but looks like a dumb bitch.
  •  He adds that Kishwer is pretty but she is still not with her boyfriend. He adds that Lopa is good-looking but behaves like a Kishwer.
  • He adds that Monalisa is pretty but does nothing.
  • Rajiv comments on the look of Ex-Bigg Boss contestants Jaya and Diandra.
  • He adds that he loves Priyanka Jagga but she is a bitch inside and outside the house. He rates her as 100 percent fake.  Section 2: Sharam To Interact With The Housemates  Sharam starts with Shilpa, who, obviously, isn’t impressed by her.


Explanation of Ratings

Pankti :

If, when Pankti is inside the house and she sees Karan she will rate him 100 percent original, so it will become 100 percent fake in her head.  Karan: If, when Pankti sees Karan, she will rate him 100 percent original, so it will become 50-50 in her head.


If, when Pankti sees Karan she will rate him 100 percent original, so it will become 50-50 in her head.  Pankti: If, when Pankti sees Karan she will rate him 100 percent original, so it will become 50-50 in her head.

Karan-Shamita: If, when Pankti sees Karan, she will rate him 100 percent original, so it will become 50-50 in her head.  Shamita: If, when Pankti sees Shamita she will rate him 100 percent original, so it will become 50-50 in her head.

The inmates vote for the positions. They rate like this:

Karan: 100 percent original

Shamita: 50-50 fake-original

Jay: 100 percent pretend.


On The Stage Bigg Boss 15

In Bigg Boss 15, Salman says there’ll be a wild card entry within the house shortly. He connects the decision to the house. Salman says you rated Karan, Shamita, and Jay. Salman asks Jay. Jay says I simply follow my words, there area unit such a big amount of pretending individuals here however I’m not.




I attempt my best to win the trophy however cash is very important to Pine Tree State. Salman asks Shamita why 50-50? Shamita says this can be Pine Tree State, it’s troublesome to be a choice within the task.

Salman asks Karan what he worries about obtaining 100 percent original? Karan says I’m happy. Does Salman ask if he’s original as a result of he’s throwing individuals around? we are going to observe it soon.

simply use your mind. Karan says I did a miscalculation. Salman says you bought saved as a result of Pratik didn’t take any action against you however don’t be violent within the tasks. Salman ends the decision.


Bigg enters the stage and welcomes Hina. She sings Lag Ja air current. She hugs Salman. Does he say you’re back? Hina says it’s a love from each side. Does Salman ask WHO is your target?

Hina says they’re all comfy thus I’ll shake them up. Does Salman ask WHO is your favorite? She says i prefer Karan’s game however he shouldn’t use violence, I prefer Tejasswi conjointly.

She says I would like them to be healthful and entertaining individuals. I’ll do a BootCamp within the house. Salman sends her into the house.


In the House Bigg Boss 15

Hina Khan enters the house. All inmates greet her. Afsana says you look fat these days however you’re my favorite. Hina laughs and says all area unit your favorite? Afsana says no, you’re my favorite. Hina says I’ll offer my read.

She tells Karan that you simply are enjoying well however don’t be violent. She tells Pratik that you simply do well. She tells Jay that you simply are an honest player however don’t show your vulnerable facet. Hina says I’ll conduct a BootCamp here.




Regarding Cleanliness Bigg Boss 15 Show

She says the primary category is regarding cleanliness. Bigg Boss 15, Hina says Ishaan, Vishal, Umar, and Simba can do scrub shirtless. Hina praises Vishal’s body. Hina asks Shamita to place sauces on her robe. Shamita says this can be a designer dress. Hina laughs and says I’m jesting.

She asks Shamita to throw sauces on the table. She creates the boys make an apron and that they have to be compelled to clean the sauce while not exploitation their hands. initial Vishal-Umar. all of them begin twerking on the table and dance on Tera buzz. All cheer for them.

Hina asks Tejasswi to rate Vishal, she says five on five. Akasa says I would like to rate five on five. She says Vishal four on five. Shamita rates four on five. Miesha rates five on five. Afsana rates five on five for Umar and four on five for Vishal. Hina says next is Simba-Ishaan.


Bigg Boss 15


They each begin dancing Zara Zara. They each begin recreation s*xily. All cheer for them. Hina laughs and says Simba can’t clean within the house. Shamita rates Simba three out of five, four out of five for Ishaan.

Candidates Rating

Bigg Boss 15, Miesha rates Simba four.8 out of 5, 4.9 out of five for Ishaan. Afsana rates them four.5 out of 5. Tejasswi rejects them each. Akasa says five out of five for Simba.

Hina tells the inmates that we are going to do a category on the organization of the house. She asks Ishaan-Miesha to fold the bedsheet however you’ve got to bop. They dance on Lahu much lag Gaya whereas folding the sheet.

Ishaan s*xily dances along with her. Hina asks different inmates to rate their chemistry. Pratik says it had been superb. Does Hina ask if he can fold a bedsheet with someone? Pratik says I’ll sleep with Nishant.

Hina says my favorite combine is Karan-Nishant. She asks them to point out chemistry. Nishant and Karan dance on Zara Zara mehekta hai whereas folding the sheet. All taunt them.

Nishant falls in Karan’s arms. Karan lifts him. Nishant dances around him. All clap for them. Tejasswi says they were higher than Ishaan-Miesha. Hina claps for them and says their chemistry was superb.


Hina says the future task is regarding food. She says we are going to create Tejasswi eat from Karan’s hands. Hina says Karan can create her eat strawberries with sauce however Tejasswi can’t show disgust, she’s going to act like it’s tasty.

Karan makes her eat and he or she tries to stay smiling. Karan dips marshmallows in Szechuan sauce and makes her eat. Next is Pratik-Akasa. Akasa makes him eat marshmallows in Szechuan sauce and he tries to stay smiling. Hina asks Akasa to praise him.

Akasa says he makes Maine rouse by slapping me, so nice. Akasa makes him eat strawberries and applies Szechuan sauce on his lips. Pratik laughs and says it burns. Hina needs them luck and dances on paani paani. all of them dance. Hina leaves.

Karan tells Vishal that you simply are enjoying an honest game however you burst off. Vishal says I’m not enjoying any game with Shamita. Karan says I do know you do not pain anyone.

Vishal says my relationship with Shamita is real and it will backfire on behalf of me additionally. Karan says however she also favors you, the perception is that you simply are continuously enjoying a game.

Tejasswi tells Umar that Vishal thinks he’s running a game. Tejasswi says he didn’t like that i used to be on top of him within the ranking task.


On the Stage:

Salman tells the audience that there’ll be a brand new wild card entry Rajiv. The clip shows celebrities praiseful Rajiv and his amusement level. Salman says let’s see who is Rajiv. He calls Rajiv Adatia on the stage. Salman says you recognize such a big amount of celebrities, what does one do?

Rajiv says I actually have AN events company, I actually have smart friends. i’m from London thus my Hindi isn’t smart thus let’s see, I’ll have such a lot of fun within the house. Rajiv says I actually have been following the season thus let’s see.

He says I don’t like Vishal’s game, he’s artful and two-faced. He says i prefer Karan’s game, Shamita is loyal and fun, I actually have a soft spot for her as i do know her in person. He says i do know a couple of individuals within the house already.

Salman says you’ve got to inform what you’re thinking that regarding the inmates after I take their names. Rajiv’s answers:


  • Karan: he’s dominant
  • Vishal: artful and two-faced
  • Ishaan: unsighted by love
  • Miesha: She is wise
  • Akasa: weak
  • Shamita: loyal and fun
  • Pratik: coconut (hard on the skin and smitten the inside)
  • Tejasswi: intelligent
  • Umar: uninformed
  • Simba: invisible
  • Afsana: bomb
  • Jay: a player
  • Nishant: a snake


Salman tells Rajiv I would like you all the simplest once you come in the house. Rajiv says i’ll make merry. Salman sends him into the house.

Salman connects the decision to the house. Salman tells the inmates that I’ll tell you statements and you’ve got to guess WHO aforementioned that. you’ve got to use the froth on their faces. Salman says somebody said Jay’s reasoning regarding cash was stupidity and he’s unforgiving.

Jay says Umar should have done it, he applies foam on him. Salman says it’s not Umar. Salman says somebody said that Jay keeps grudges in his heart. Jay says Vishal should have said it. Salman says wrong. Salman says somebody said that Jay doesn’t perceive what’s right or wrong.

Jay says it should be Pratik, Salman says wrong. Salman says somebody said that Jay doesn’t perceive the tasks. He guesses it to be Shamita. Jay says

Nishant should have said it. Salman says somebody said that Jay thought he would enter the house anyway thus he stayed to his principles then again went back on his words.

Salman says somebody said regarding Shamita that she may damage within the illusion space attempting to be truthful. Shamita says guesses it to be Vishal however Salman says wrong, Shamita says guesses it to be Karan. Salman ends the decision.


Salman Welcomes On Stage:

Salman welcomes Manish Paul on the stage. Manish says I’m here for the primary time, this season goes well. I would like to assist you with hosting. Salman says it’s your forte. Manish says I’ll do a phase within which I’ll spill secrets. He says I’ll raise your queries initially.

He asks Salman if he’s afraid of his father still? Salman says ne’er, I respect him. Does Manish ask if he can deny hosting BB16? Salman says silence is that the answer.

Manish says currently you’ve got to bop with Pine Tree State. Salman dances with him. Manish jokes around with Salman and that they each do some hook steps along. Salman sends him.


Manish Enters In House:

Manish enters the house and everyone is excited to ascertain him. Manish says there are unit cameras everyplace however perhaps Ishaan-Miesha doesn’t understand that. Jay says if you’re with them then you’ll be seen on Voot solely. All laugh. Manish says let’s do some action.

He asks Nishant to make hook steps for everybody. He asks for Karan. Nishant will be a confronting step for Karan. He makes a cultured hook step for Shamita. All laugh. Manish says I’ll show you photos and you’ve got to inform Pine Tree State what’s happening.

He shows a black and white pic of Vishal-Tejasswi-Jay. The future pic is of Pratik hitting Nishant’s bum. Nishant says all of them are unit crazy regarding my bum. All laugh. The future pic is Ishaan-Miesha necking one another within the blanket.


Who is Rajiv Adatia?

Rajiv Adatia  He is a 33-year-old banker from Patna. He has worked in Citibank for nine years now. He was last in Bigg Boss 11 with his friend Manu Punjabi.  He is currently enjoying popularity among the people of Bihar due to the Bigg Boss show.

He is in a relationship with a girl named Santoshi, who works in Mumbai.  Does Rajiv Adatia like Bigg Boss house?  He has no affiliation with the show, but after listening to Manu’s book he is in love with Manveer Gurjar. He feels Manveer is an honest, down-to-earth person.

He adds that in the house the life of the contestants changes completely.  Rajiv Adatia Rules  Rajiv dating rules, that he doesn’t watch the show on TV. He hasn’t read any book regarding the show. He observes the show on social media.


Why is Rajiv Adatia entering the house?

The situation gets more intense as the inmates discuss their feeling about the trio. They say it is enough to say the three should be punished. Salman gets upset and asks Vikas to stop.  Sunil and Manu in the garden area start to discuss the episode that happened on the last day.

Salman calls Manu to him and says: “I feel Manu is upset about Salman’s feedback on him”.  Manu cries as he says: “Why did Salman say the same things?”  Salman asks him to read it again. He finally reads it and asks him to continue with the task.

Saurabh Srivastava and Shilpa Shinde are shown on the camera. They have to act like a couple.  Salman welcomes Saurabh and Shilpa. They start to play around a bit. Salman asks Saurabh and Shilpa to slap each other. Saurabh refuses to hit Shilpa.


Discussion on what will happen after Rajiv enters the Bigg Boss House

What will happen with a banquet show come VJ Andy is eating outside?

Sabotage should happen in the house  It is all about perceptions of others as well  Puneesh, Priyank, Akash, and Luv are team captains Maharashtrian House  Challenge  Should be given for doing the Haldi ceremony.

Winner gets immunity  Reward: VJ Andy gets to take contestants for a gala dinner and this will also be the celebration of Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding  Priyank is Gangster Priyank says

It will be tough for him to carry everyone’s bags. He also says he doesn’t want the responsibility. Priyank and Vikas had a fight because of whose bag Priyank carried inside the house. Priyank says he had carried Vikas’ bag for him.


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