Bigg Boss 15 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update| Nishant Emotional Pratik apnetv

Bigg Boss 15 21st October Apnetv


Bigg boss 15 Karan & Tejasswi

Bigg boss 15: Karan and Tejasswi take scissors and tape to create their BB points. Umar tells Jay that no one helped him. Vishal tells Karan that you just grabbed Pratik tightly. we’ve loads of muscle thus it’s such as you attacked him. Karan says he started assaultive ME initially.

In the Show, Ishaan says everybody saw what Pratik is doing. Karan says he ought to get a touch push. Jay tells Pratik that we’ll turbulently play until the tip. Nishant tells everybody that I will be able to reject the task if you individuals cheat. Vishal says don’t try this.

Karan and Tejasswi square measure concealment within the lavatory to create BB points. Bigg Boss 15 tells them to prevent creating BB points because the spherical has concluded. Nishant starts checking BB points for each try. He checks for Vishal-Shamita.

Pratik says they didn’t cut it properly. Nishant rejects Shamita and Vishal’s BB points. He rejects Karan-Tejasswi’s points conjointly. Does Vishal say what’s all this? Nishant says you individuals worked once




Jay Argue with Umar Bigg boss 15

Karan and Tejasswi share feeling that they couldn’t sell anyone as a replacement to Tejaswi. Karan tells Tejasswi that he wants to create his only true point.

Tejasswi on the other hand tells Umar that she wants to destroy her points and doesn’t want to create a point. Karan and Tejasswi see the moment for making an act. Karan says Pratik is already going all over and causing hard works to the partners.

Section 2: Vishal and Karan argue  Vishal says the contestants would use the opportunity and they would ignore all the gossips during the act.

Karan tells Vishal that Pratik didn’t go anywhere. Karan tells them that there is no point in preparing for the act and Umar would create a point. Karan says they shouldn’t have started the act in this situation.


Now Nishant Gets Emotional & Pratik

Bigg boss 15, A few days ago, Pratik was upset with Nishant’s punishment. But now, Pratik starts getting emotional for him.  Apparently, Nishant is the strongest contestant in the house and is a mischievous player.

The housemates often call him Abba.  How will Pratik react to this?  We will get to know the answer to this, only after the episode.  Celebrity Corner  Star Awards. Bigg Boss announces the name of the celebrities who won the Best Actors award.

Nandish Pandey and Meghana Ali won the award for being the Best Actors.  Shivangi Joshi, who was nominated for the award, was eliminated from the show.  Swami Om praises everyone’s performances.


Karan Starts Assaulting me first At Bigg boss 15

Shamita apologizes Pratik says.  Varun urges Shamita not to apologize and allows Pratik to do the task. Pratik says for all the gentleman, with pride. But Shamita comes and starts ranting at Pratik for all the mistakes.

He turns quiet. Jay says don’t say all this and behave properly.  Pratik and Varun ignore the push call.  Pratik has now started squeezing my shirt tightly and is unearthing my jewelry from the back.  Pratik is feeling unsafe and starts unbuttoning my jeans.

I am being accused of being a rapist. Varun stops him and says you guys wouldn’t say all this when he was outside the lavatory. Pratik starts feeling annoyed now and doesn’t get in touch with me for the last time.  Shilpa says look at me if you feel unsafe  Varun says what can he do if I’m angry.


Points, Ishaan says “everybody saw what Pratik is doing”

This Show informs that BB points’ points have been discarded.  Bigg Boss asks participants to call partners to pick the containers from Bigg Boss pad.  The housemates have to pick up the three containers.  Leon is the contestant who has to call out the pickers.

As per the task, all the participants have to pick up the three containers and whichever one gets sent to the lounge would be saved from elimination this week. Tejasswi comes out first and Tejasswi’s container is taken to the lounge by Tejasswi.

The luxury budget participant has to get the remaining two containers to the lounge and he/she will get safe until the end of the week.  Tejasswi picks up the second container while talking to Rishabh and thus he gets eliminated from the task.  1 day to go for the eviction.


In Show, Nishi rejects BB points of Karan-Tejasswi, Shamita & Vishal

Ishaan’s triangle becomes a little vulnerable. But he says it is not under his limit. Everybody is shocked by this.  Karan and Tejasswi are with Karan to play BB points. Karan says I am emotional now. Tejasswi teases me and says what if i get emotional?

Karan says I am getting emotional. Tejasswi says in that case you will perform it all. She also adds that he has created BB points. She asks him to test it out. He says ok. He starts restlessly performing his triangle. He gets hit by Tejasswi. He says I too am getting emotional.

Tejasswi says in that case I will do it in a better way. She gives him a towel. She performs it in a better way. He thinks that he should test her again. He gives her a towel. He watches her. Bigg boss 15


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