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Barrister Babu Episode  Apne tv


Barrister Babu 22nd, The Episode starts with Batuk seeing everybody busy. He goes and reads Tapur’s letter. he alters the letter and leaves it from the space.

It’s the morning, Tapur stops Somnath and asks are you getting to the hospital. He says affirmative, I m getting to see a patient, what is it.

She says I needed to inform one thing, listen. Batuk’s appearance is on. She says I have written it during this letter. Somnath says I will be able to see it later. He takes the letter and leaves. Batuk laughs. Bondita asks everybody to return for breakfast.

She asks however did you recognize that I would like to possess sweets and bitter things. Sampoorna says your husband has scanned your mind, he said he needed to bring style in your life, Barrister Babu 22nd October.

such as you brought colours in his life, tell Maine what does one wishes to possess. Bondita names various things. Sampoorna says everything is yours. Tapur says Anirudh can feed by his hands. Bondita smiles. Batuk says this can be for you, Bondita.


Section 1: Batuk changes Tapur’s letter

Barrister Babu 22nd, Tapur with Bomi in hospital read a letter written by Batuk (Bomi’s letter). He changes the letter and calls the doctor. He says we need to bring the patient.

The doctor says the patient is responding. Tapur reads the letter again, then arranges a press conference in the hospital. Batuk’s voice sounds then. They get all the staff, Batuk’s voice calls them. Batuk does his speech, he speaks to entire people.


Barrister Babu 22nd



Tapur says he should be addressing all when everyone takes to the hospital.  Batuk then speaks to the patients, talks to a blind child, he goes through all the files.

He says by his hands you can see. Tapur says why use sight to do so. He says he thinks he should only speak. Tapur says I can’t remember everything, after all, I can’t remember much.


Batuk laughs

Sampoorna says I also want to see this love affair going, from the heart, Bondita, if you can, I will say that my head can be seen in a heart. You will be put to shame. Bondita thinks of different people. She says she wants to see me with Kavya, Tapur with Adi,

Abhi with Tejasvi, and Abhi with Neeru. Abhi suddenly walks into the party and hugs Neeru. Abhi says bhojan and takes permission, Abhi is not

ready for the baby. Neeru giggles. Abhi says today I am meeting Somnath. He can save the baby. Tapur can make the changes he wants.

Abhi asks Tapur to come outside with him, He says let’s discuss. Abhi says I have understood Somnath, I don’t want to meet him as he is a bad man. I am not sure of him. Somnath says you like him and that is why you seek my intervention.


Sampoorna asks Bondita what she wants

Sampoorna asks what is the answer to all questions, but she fails to reply. she asks Bondita to go outside and think about it. Bondita says I have been thinking about it only. Tapur and Somnath come to her. Somnath asks what should we give.

Bondita says my husband is a huge artist. The director knew this, so she asked to tell her husband. He also likes a chef. It would be a wonderful, perfect gift. They go to Batuk and make her hear this. She brings Tapur into the hall.

Tapur asks are you still positive? Bondita says yes I am. She asks what do you want from me. Tapur says I want you. He says I want to love you. Bondita smiles and embraces Tapur.


Tapur Reads the letter and sees the change

“Batuk”  Tapur then goes to change his name. He saves everything and then opens his mailbox.  Shankunika reads the letter  “Tapur”  Tapur reads and then changes his name.

Babu enters to flirt with her  He then returns to the previous situation  Babu accuses Tapur, Tapur says I have to write the names of the new 2 people (In their class). Barrister Babu 22nd

One is called Sunanda the other name is Haider. Babu goes and writes this.  Babu reads the note  Babu dons a Rajni look and remarks aha there is Sunanda on the class list  It is evening, Tapur finds this cute,  She calls Tapur,

and comes near him, Babu notices it. He says how would u know her name? He asks for her saree’s number.  Now I will invite you for lunch If you agree. Tapur, I won’t. She says she would do the work. Babu says let me know.


Bondita tells Sampoorna what She Wants

Maine says I used to wake up early in the morning. Tapur says I used to get up early too. Maine says I still want that now. Tapur says I used to be earlier in the hotel and took tea before coming to the meeting room.

Maine says I did too. Tapur says I used to go to the ball. Maine says I did too. Tapur says I used to visit the sauna. Maine says I still do that.

Tapur says I used to cook very quickly. Maine says I still do that. Tapur says I used to never remember this many events in my life. Maine says I still do that. Tapur says I used to make many plans. Maine says I still do that.

Tapur says I used to follow my goals. Maine says I still do that. Tapur says I used to stay focused. Maine says I still do that. Tapur says I used to control my mind. Maine says I still do that.


Anirudh feeds by his hands

Tapur gets food and Batuk enters with a book. She says the papas of the earth are searching for evil. They are searching to find evil where are they.

Barrister Babu 22nd, To find it. Tapur takes the book and says he is referring to this. She says the evil people and unthankful people are hiding.

Tapur shows the cover, Tapur opens the cover. Batuk sees what was written in this book, she says she knew it was written by Somnath. Tapur said it was to test you. She shows the first page and reads it.

She laughs and says It seems u read this book, Tapur. Tapur says I never read it, it is your husband’s book. He always recites the first page. Tapur says Somnath, you are reading this book. Tapur takes the book and starts reciting the first page. Tapur reads the first page.


Bondita Thoughts

Bondita thinks that perfume did he apply, I desire reflex, what shall I do. He asks did you modify your mind once more. She fares the laddoo. everybody smiles.

Bondita vomits there itself, over his shoe. Batuk asks are you mad, what did you are doing, it pricey shoes, are you a child, don’t you recognize, you must head to the toilet and vomit, don’t equivalent to me, are you mad,

take a shower and are available, stay away. Bondita remembers Anirudh cleaning up the wet bed for her sake. Trilochan goes when Batuk. He asks him to return out. Batuk says Bondita is mad, she vomited on Maine, I have to throw my pants and shoes.

Trilochan Says

Trilochan says you didn’t try this right, she is pregnant, she’s going to vomit. Batuk asks can she vomit on Maine. Trilochan says bear in mind, you’re Anirudh.

Batuk says I will tolerate something, not any regurgitation on Maine, I desire to vomit, smell it, it looks like I m out of some wastebin. Trilochan says you must have thought of this before changing into Anirudh, don’t you bear in mind, once Bondita was young,

Anirudh Clean

Barrister Babu 22nd, Anirudh wont to clean her bed, he would have taken her vomit in hand if he was alive. He goes. Batuk says he isn’t alive,

he died whereas saving her. Somnath reads the letter, I would like to stay Shiv’s idol alongside Hindu deity maa’s idol within the house temple,

if you settle for this condition, then place an orange flower, I will be able to perceive it’s your affirmative. He smiles and stops Tapur. He provides her with an orange flower, She smiles.

Bondita comes within the space. numerous notes with sorry written fall over her. Batuk comes with flowers and says sorry, please forgive me, I will cover my face with this bouquet all day. Bondita asks does one suppose I will live while not seeing your face, no, you don’t ought to do all this,

I actually have forgiven you, really. He says thanks. She stops him. He asks are you fine. He says affirmatively. She asks if you’re hurt by my words, if I did an error, then I m sorry. He says not at all, it absolutely was my mistake, thus I said sorry,

I wrote numerous letters for you, let’s count. She says I would like to trust, however, can’t do it, you sent Maine a vehicle crammed with letters, however ne’er created Maine count. Tapur calls her out. Bondita goes. He says sorry.

Tapur hugs Bondita and says Somnath gave Maine a letter, he has no bother with my truth, he didn’t say something. Bondita says strange. Tupur says you must be happy that Somnath has broad thinking like Anirudh, Tapur is going to be happy.

Bondita says I m extremely happy, why didn’t he raise something. Batuk comes and asks why did you decide my partner, I used to be expression sorry to her, what’s this flower for, Tapur keep it, are you creating drugs by it. Tapur says no.

Tupur says Somnath gave it. Batuk asks does one wish to marry him. Tapur smiles. He asks Bondita to not say no, be happy currently.

He calls out Somnath and everybody. He says there’s honest news, this flower came from Somnath to Tapur, it suggests that you must realize mahurat for Ashirward rasam, Bondita, you don’t look happy.

Bondita says I m terribly proud of this alliance. He says let’s get the marriage planned. Bondita asks did you think that well and in agreement for this wedding,

tell Maine if you have got any doubts or questions. Somnath says no, I don’t wish Tapur to create medicines when wedding, I would like her to assist in room and unit work.

Bondita says it’s wrong. Tapur says I m prepared, I won’t create medicines when married. Trilochan says we’ll do the rasams tomorrow, it’s an auspicious day. Batuk says congrats. He thinks your relationship along with your sisters can break.

At the End Barrister Babu 22nd Episode

Tupur says Somnath has accepted Tapur’s truth, can’t Tapur try this for him. Bondita thinks if Somnath has accepted Tapur’s past, then why will he have a retardant together with her work when wedding. She asks did you provide the letter to him yourself.

Tapur says affirmative, why are you asking this. Bondita says nothing. Tupur says we’ve got to organize for Ashirward Samaroh. Batuk plays a free-reed instrument. Bondita comes and says I knew you’re concealment one thing. Batuk asks what am I concealment, Bondita.

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