Bigg Boss 15: The Biggest, Most Explosive Season Yet on apne tv

Most Explosive Season Yet on Apne tv


Bigg Boss on apne tv began and we have already seen so many fights in the house. However, the most talked-about one was the ugly fight between Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal.

In the first week, we saw them fight during the first task given to the jungle oasis to enter the main house.




Bigg Boss on Apne tv

We saw Pratik and Jay’s verbal spat where the latter used abusive words for the former. Pratik got angry and broke the glass of the house. In this wee, we saw the daaku ka kabza task in the Bigg Boss 15 house.

If the junglewasis win, they will get 30 pieces of the pathway. But if they lose all the pieces they have got until now will also be taken away. They are divided into 5 levels. Shamita, Pratik, and Nishant have to kill the junglewasis level by level.

What Happened in the First Week

In the first week itself, the contestants in the main house had a tough time with the junglewasis. The task that was said to be an icebreaker, turned out to be the most unpleasant task of the season. The contestants had to enter a lioness cage and kill the junglewasis at every step.

Every time a junglewasis was killed, he or she had to get three pieces of the pathway. Once that was done, the stone was taken back to the main house. If any contestant failed to do that, they had to get eliminated. According to the task, Pratik was the captain of the team.

Shamita and her team eliminated Pratik with the help of a sword and it was only two times that he was the captain of the team. He even lost his life once and Shamita took it lightly and said, “He is a friend. I am not worried. big boss on apne tv

The Ugly Fight Between Jay and Pratik

These intense fights are already creating a lot of buzzes. Who is going to win? Well, the ultimate winner will be the winner of the most number of hearts. It will also be the one who wins the hearts of the audience the most.

Pratik Is On A High, But He Doesn’t Care About What The Others Say

Pratik isn’t sure what’s going to happen in the next task, so, he is on a high. He is enjoying the game and doesn’t even care what the other contestants say about him. He also talks about his work.

Most Explosive Season

He even says that all the contestants have ‘karve gayee‘ (eat food) and are actually doing films. But, he just wants to be here and enjoy the game.

What Else Happened In The Bigg Boss House?

This week, Deepak brought a little boy who stole a Luxury Budget task from Vikrant.



Tamanna’s Entry Into the House

The first week was quite boring as the housemates were stuck in the routine. After being in the Bigg Boss house for over 3 weeks, the least they expected was drama and entertainment. But, for the first time this season, we saw the entry of cricketer Tamanna Devi.

She was a guest on Bigg Boss and became a part of the show to promote her upcoming film. We saw her making an entry and roaming the house for a while. After completing her task, she got into a long conversation with Saba and Rohit.

This soon turned into a couple of talks and she even proposed she come on the show to get to know the other contestant better. However, they were cut short by the Bigg Boss.

Malaika Arora’s Entry Into the House

Bigg Boss gave two entry tickets to the contestants. They could use either ticket to enter the house and could not use both. All the contestants got happy and started happy-crying as they will get to see their favorite

TV actor and dancer, Malaika Arora. They have to meet the hottie after evictions. Bigg Boss allowed her to enter the house. Malaika came in wearing a casual kurta-pajama and wore a black dupatta.

Big Boss’ New Zodiac, Leo

It was revealed that Bigg Boss gave 2 different Zodiacs. The contestant who used Leo as their Zodiac (Preeto, Kiran, Bigg Boss, and Lopamudra Raut) has to go to jail.

Malaika Arora Leaves The House

The contestants thought that Bigg Boss will be tough on them because they did not do any works.

The Challenges in the Second Week

During the second week, the contestants will participate in the Bigg Boss cooking task. The first round is to cook some French food. The contestants will have to cook egg poach (Aam Pak) on different electric stoves like the Induction stove,

Gas stove, induction cooker, and finally the gas stove. All the contestants must make the food taste good by mixing different ingredients.

Big Boss on Apne Tv

The Final Challenge

The final challenge was that the contestants had to eat Gulaab Jamun in order to win the show. On the basis of their performance in the previous challenges,

they were given a seat in the kitchen, which was the most entertaining spot in the house. We saw people taking their food in their hands and eating it, just like an elephant eats.

The Daaku Ka Kabza Task in BF5 House

Big Boss on Apne Tv, The first level the trio had to cross without killing the junglewasis. In the second level, the trio had to kill all the junglewasis and then the third level

was to kill all the junglewasis, and then the fourth and last level was to kill all the junglewasis and then take out one small door as soon as the buzzer goes off.

Every jungle was has been sleeping for a year and Shamita and Pratik were very lucky as they had the most right pieces of the pathway. They managed to successfully complete the task.

Surprisingly, Pratik was very angry and he was not happy with the judges’ decision. He broke down and was seen struggling to get control over his emotions. We can’t help but wonder if the Bigg Boss didn’t know that they were fighting.


The fights are so damn entertaining in the house and at times they get too far. It is the love and hate for Salman Khan and Bigg Boss that makes us watch the show.

Of course, the task had its own benefits as it also gave the contestant a chance to perform another task and it was also a part of the elimination process. We will surely witness more hilarious and exciting moments in the coming days. Big Boss on Apne Tv


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