Indiawaali Maa Serial Sony Tv

Indiawaali Maa Serial Sony Tv, is a family dramatization show that debuted on Sony on the 29th of February will bea daily soap, broadcast Mon-Fri at 9.30 pm. Featuring Shaheer Sheik, Erica Fernandes and Supriya Pilgakokar, this ‘Maa Beta and Voh’ triangle was pitched as a show that will manage the most established fight in town , head versus heart. Supriya plays Ishwari Dixit, an ambushed single parent who brought up her four children while living in her sibling’s veranda. Her first conceived, Dev (Shaheer Sheik) is her most loved and she is embarrassingly fractional and sexist, giving him the best of instruction and opportunities.
Indiawaali Maa Serial Sony Tv is a family dramatization delineating a child’s strong association with his mom and the difficulty he confronts when his mother does not approve of his love interest
The show investigates the work-in-progress relationship of Dev Dixit (Shaheer Sheik) and Sonakshi Bose. (Erica Fernandes) Dev is a successful business big shot who lives with his mom Ishwari and three sisters. Dev was just eight years of age when he lost his dad. Where sonakshi is from middle class family who works at JLS hospital and is strick nutrition.
sonakshi and Dev stumble upon each other and begin their love story with hostility. Gradually, genuine romance and comprehension begins to bloom in their relationship. The dialogs and passionate scenes turn out proficiently of the on-screen characters and it looks great seeing the family all so adorable.