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Indiawaali Maa Serial Sony TV Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

Indiawaali Maa Serial Sony TV Review


Indiawaali Maa Serial, Sony Entertainment Television’s most recent contribution Indiawaali Maa delivered by Jai Productions features the affection for a mother for her child. Delivering the message that you are never too old to even consider needing your parent, this show contacts our hearts.

Indiawaali Maa Serial Sony TV Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv
Indiawaali Maa Serial Sony TV Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

About the show:

Indiawaali Maa Serial, The show includes a group cast featuring Suchita Trivedi as Kaku, Nitesh Pandey as Hasmukh, Akshay Mhatre as Rohan and Sheen Dass as Chinamma.

From encouraging you find a way to see you become a fruitful individual throughout everyday life, moms consistently invest wholeheartedly in their kids’ smallest accomplishments.

The show portrays the account of Kaushalya, otherwise known as Kaku, a basic, free-energetic mother from Bhuj, who appreciates a very much settled existence with her strong spouse, Hasmukh.

Their relationship is a serious charming one, with Kaku being reliant on Hasmukh and appreciating being protected and spoiled by him. Be that as it may, the bone of dispute between the couple is their solitary child, Rohan.

While Kaku continually pines for her US-based child’s consideration yet Hasmukh, being the reasonable one, detects that Rohan has floated separated. Notwithstanding, Kaku being the quintessential mother excuses her child’s

disregard and puts stock in remaining by him like she generally has. This assurance of Kaku sets her on an excursion to connect with her child, defeat all chances and rethink the genuine quintessence of being an Indiawaali Maa.

Valid statements:

From the outset, when we found out about the story, we considered it being an unordinary one and well it is.The creation esteem and the sets utilized in the show are very relatable. Suchita Trivedi, who assumes the lead part of Kaku,

has dazzled the crowd on an endless number of events with his acting but again she won our hearts with her acting chops. She captured everyone’s attention too. Indiawaali Maa Serial,  Aside from her, the capable artists Nitesh Pandey, Akshay Mhatre and Sheen Dass gave a heavenly execution.

The two most significant things of the show are the exchanges and the melody ‘principle toh maa hoon’. Vocalist Harshdeep Kaur, has loaned her profound voice to this show, portraying the quandary of a mother and the adoration for her youngster in ‘principle toh maa hoon’.

The music of this melody has been made by Devendra Bhome and the lovely verses have been written by Divy sharma.

We should state that each time you tune in to the melody in the show you make certain to get enthusiastic. One discourse that contacted our heart was ‘ek aurat apna hissa kaha jeeti hai, woh toh hisso me jeeti hai’.


Indiawaali Maa which portrays how a mother knows everything her youngster feels and she needs to be there with him through various challenges has begun well. Generally,

it is a decent watch and will doubtlessly develop as the story would continue. This story will hit a passionate harmony with the watchers and simultaneously engage them. Each individual who has a mother/mother figure can identify with this show.

We really accept, moms are the superwomen with no cape, yet they have an answer for everything. Most importantly, we adored this idea and the characters. How about we perceive how the story works out in the future time.




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