Bigg Boss Salman Khan Sony Tv Serial Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

Bigg Boss Salman Khan Sony Tv Serial Review


Bigg Boss Salman Khan, “2020 ke fatigue ka Hoga take out,” read the banners of Bigg Boss 14. The Salman Khan-facilitated show vowed to break the anguish that has infested the year 2020.

It guaranteed oddity by presenting BB Mall, Spa, and Theater. We, the enthusiastic devotees of the show, worn out on our unremarkable lives, expected to appreciate the trickeries of the Bigg Boss house. Too bad! It has all been a mistake. In any event up until this point.

Bigg Boss Salman Khan Sony Tv Serial Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

The tone of the show was set from the debut scene, which had a tiring run of over 3.5 hours. From Salman Khan’s dreary, continued facilitating jokes, extended sections of Toofani seniors (Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan, Gauahar Khan) testing the amateurs,

to competitors attempting to approve their entrance in the most mainstream unscripted TV drama, everything felt tedious. The solitary explanation I considered giving this period of Bigg Boss an opportunity was an intriguing blend of contenders

which included vocalists, entertainers, and unscripted TV drama competitors. Yet, a month into it, I’m as of now tired of the dull idea of the show.

It’s nothing new: competitors attempting to pick a problem with one another on the grounds that it makes for more sensational TV. Nikki Tamboli, an entertainer by calling, appears to have robbed up the past 13 seasons, and as opposed to demonstrating components of her character,

is reflecting character attributes of candidates from an earlier time. She’s a more brilliant rendition of a cheerful and bubbly Shehnaaz Gill. The same goes for TV’s famous name Eijaz Khan,

who is a variant of Sidharth Shukla sans fun. Jaan Kumar Sanu has from the earliest starting point understood his best odds of being seen are the point at which he is around Tamboli.

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