Choti Sardarni Colors Tv Serial Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

Choti Sardarni Colors Tv Serial Apne Tv


Choti Sardarni Serial

Choti Sardarni Serial brings an account of Meher, who will be battling for the rights and security of her youngster. The story set in a little town brings the battles of Meher. Her mum Kulwant is the Sarpanch of the town. Meher is benevolent-hearted and totally different from Kulwant.

Meher is infatuated with Manav. She is pregnant with his youngster. She looks forward to wed Manav. She gets a significant stun with Manav’s inauspicious passing. Meher’s marriage dreams and a future with Manav get demolished.

Kulwant gets Meher

Kulwant gets Meher hitched to a reasonable and arranged individual, Sarabjeet. He is a single man, bringing up a youngster alone. Meher and Sarabjeet set out on their new excursion while knowing one another and experiencing passionate feelings.

Meher changes into a tough individual by Sarabjeet’s direction and backing. She turns into a remarkable character, a Choti Sardarni.

Choti Sardarni
Choti Sardarni

Primary Characters:


Meher is a lot of fair. She is very much refined. She talks her heart out. She doesn’t have confidence in covering things. She is autonomous and solid. She is courageous like her mom. She isn’t frightened of the general public’s reasoning and inconveniences. She has her own insight. She has her arrangement of morals.

She is genuine towards all the relations of her life. She has great relatable characteristics. She enjoys acting naturally and has no lament over her choices.

She has confidence in ladies’ strengthening. She needs to do useful for the nation individuals. She is exceptionally beguiling Sardarni. She turns into an honorable individual. She doesn’t let her feelings debilitate her.


Sarabjeet is an ideal person with wonderful qualities and a fitlifestyle. He has an astonishing character. He puts stock is doing great. He remains fair in his methodology.

He is a solitary parent and a single man. He is spotless-hearted and a good man. He has accomplished a ton throughout everyday life.

He is still practical. He intrigues individuals with his equitable choices and formed conduct. He is an Agricultural clergyman. He needs to carry new advancements to the town to profit the ranchers. He works for the advancement of the town.


Manav is a straightforward person having a place with a working-class family. He is carefree and spreads grins. He regards ladies. He works at a nearby Dhaba. He is infatuated with Meher. He needs to wed her and have a decent future with her.

Manav is a positive individual. He urges Meher to manage the existence’s unusual circumstances. He generally makes Meher solid by his moving conduct. He can’t endure anybody’s distress. He is exceptionally useful in nature. He feels blessed to get a sweetheart like Meher.


Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as Meher Dhillon,

Avinesh Rekhi as Sarabjeet,

Hitesh Bharadwaj as Manav,

Anita Raj as Kulwant Kaur Dhillon,

Amal Sherawat,

Pawan Mahendru

Story So Far:

Kulwant Kaur drives the town as the Sarpanch. She is dauntless and rules the individuals. She takes her own choices and needs things her way. Her little girl Meher is a sweet and straightforward young lady. Kulwant slaps the designer when he defers the work and rationalizes.

She drives the street roller all alone and ensures that the street development finishes. She requests that her children click her photo so everybody knows her great work. Meher’s family is presented.

Meher gets ready for her nephew’s capacity. Meher loves her nephew Yuvi. She gets occupied in the capacity game plans.

Meher and their family favor Yuvi during his turban tying function. They get the family pictures clicked. She welcomes the destitute individuals home for taking care of them a blowout. Meher disturbs Kulwant for some time. Meher’s sibling deals with the issue.

Meher misses her father a great deal. Kulwant gets too irate on Meher. Kulwant keeps her high contacts so she gets a ticket in the races. She discovers that Sarabjeet won’t give her a ticket for cash. Sarabjeet is an earnest legislator.

He just backings the individuals with great hearts and goals. He needs to help magnanimous individuals who mean to accomplish great work for the town.

Meher likewise realizes Kulwant’s intend to meet Sarabjeet Singh and persuade him for the political race. Kulwant at that point understands that Meher’s deed can be advantageous for her race’s dreams. Meher’s benevolent endeavors fill in as a methodology for Kulwant.

Meher gets acclaimed by Kulwant

Meher gets acclaimed by Kulwant. She gets glad that her mum loves her to such an extent. Kulwant and Meher share an extraordinary bond. Kulwant showers their friendship and cares about her. Kulwant needs Meher to wed an affluent man.

She thinks beyond practical boundaries for her girl. Actually something different. Meher loves Manav. Meher goes to the Dhaba to meet Manav. He functions as a cook in a Dhaba. Kulwant discovers Sarabjeet as an ideal counterpart for Meher.

He drives an ideological group and works for the government assistance of his town. Meher would not like to wed Sarabjeet. Meher and Sarabjeet’s fate gets associated. Meher and Manav get to know each other. Manav shocks her by revealing to her that he is arranging a home for them, so they can live well after marriage.

Choti Sardarni Colors Tv Serial Review

Choti Sardarni Colors Tv Serial Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

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