Shakti Serial On Colors Tv review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

Shakti Serial On Colors Tv


This Shakti Serial began with the suspense of a child who is hated by her family, whose mother tried everything she can to ‘save her from the world,’ and a woman who follows this girl everywhere in an attempt to kidnap her. Such suspense was just enough to get the Indian

audience was intrigued and the outcome was just as surprising.

Shakti Serial
This show was the first to show a “kinnar” in a lead role on television.

Many people were shocked and instantly felt interested, but over time, the show started to show its true “colors.”

A show that based its entire franchise on being the breakthrough to transgender rights in India failed to do so as it portrayed the

transgender society twelfth as the villains in the show with the main lead kinnar being the “good one” as she does not look like the rest.

Kinnar society

If this unruly way of referring to the Kinnar society wasn’t enough, the show also brought in topics revolving around patriarchy saying that “a trying woman may only become complete once she gives birth to her husband’s child,” and also the topic of a

husband marrying another woman (while still being married to the previous) because his original wife cannot conceive. Even the bad acting, direction, and editing do not make the show any better.

Punjabi Culture

The portrayal of the Punjabi culture is also just as bad where the actors cannot even take two minutes of their day to learn to pronounce a Punjabi word correctly. Although there are even worse shows out there, this show still deserves one star as it is an insult to the Indian

television industry where we have many shows trying to divert from the typical “saas-bahu”

the storyline with more empowering and ENTERTAINING plots, hopefully, one day, the Indian audience will open its eyes and see the difference between social development and social patriarchy.

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