Barrister Babu 10th August 2021 Written Episode : Bondita & Anirudh Confess Love on apne tv

The Episode starts with Anirudh’s handshaking on taking the clothes. Bondita & Anirudh Confess in love Trilochan say when your handshakes while giving this, then recall her cheat, your dad’s state, then her every lie which she told us. Anirudh recalls.

He picks the saree. He recalls her childhood. Bondita asks what happened, you filled many colours in my life, fill another colour by this colourless saree, say it, Bondita your life won’t have any rainbow now. He drops the saree down. She takes it and gives it back to him.

He gives it to her. Sampoorna takes it and puts it over Bondita’s head. Bondita claps and says our dream was fulfilled today, I got this wish to fulfil it today, barrister babu Bondita got her medal today, I just wanted to hear bravo Bondita, you have written cheater Bondita, liar Bondita in her degree, but I accept it.

Barrister Babu 10th August 2021

Bondita & Anirudh Confess

When Bondita & Anirudh Confess Sampoorna says take her away, take her clothes and jewellery, make this spy colourless. Bondita asks the spy. She asks why don’t you give this punishment to me, you have taught me everything, right.

Bondita & Anirudh Confess

Sampoorna says I had taught and explained many things, I had told Trilochan that Vaijanti is lovely, I didn’t know I won’t understand your cheat, you have snatched Durga maa puja rights, you used my husband in your bad conspiracy.

My hands won’t shake to snatch your shringhaar and make you colourless. Bondita cries. Sampoorna removes her jewellery.

Bondita wears a colourless saree. Tupur wears bangles. Chandrachur comes and scolds her. He says you may be celebrating, I will not let Bondita become Sanyasini, not Jogan, but my Dulhan.

Trilochan Argue Anirudh

Trilochan says Anirudh shouldn’t talk to Sanyasinis, else he will know that like they can’t speak, Bondita’s voice will be snatched also, she always argues and never stops talking. Somnath says she deserves this, she is an enemy spy.

Trilochan says I know, she is Anirudh’s weakness, I didn’t let pandit tell there that burning coal will be kept on her tongue during the last ritual, her voice will be snatched, she will just have silence, she can’t say that.

Anirudh Argue

Bondita & Anirudh Confess, Somnath hears footsteps and drops the vase. Trilochan turns and sees Anirudh. He says I was telling Somnath that villagers trust you, else Tulsipur will burn in the fire of destruction. Chandrachur says do as I say. He calls Anirudh. He hurts Tupur. She cries. Anirudh answers.

Chandrachur makes her repeat his words. She says punish me, leave Bondita, I m ready to become Sanyasini. Anirudh asks is this a joke, Tupur, this punishment won’t be easy, if you and your family worry for Bondita, then try to save her, I can’t do anything, so I m telling you, try to save her.

Chandrachur Shocked

Chandrachur gets shocked. Somnath comes. Barrister Babu Anirudh ends the call. Chandrachur says amazing, what an idea, now you will see how I take Bondita from there and make her my bride.

Anirudh says I want to meet Sanyasinis and talk to them, I want to ask how any woman can sacrifice everything and live such a colourless life, this should stop.

Anirudh Argue

Somnath says you can’t meet them, they would have gone to temple for tap, I will give your message. Anirudh says okay. He thinks to talk to Bondita once. He goes to Bondita. She asks him to see her colourless avatar. He says I don’t want to see.

She asks why not, I have named my life to you, you have the first right on me, don’t worry, I m not completely colourless, I have the colour of your name.

She holds a mirror. Bondita & Anirudh Confess he sees her. He throws the Diya and breaks the mirror. She says truth doesn’t change if you break a mirror. He says you should have not chosen this life. She says you chose this life, not me. He asks why don’t understand.

Barrister Babu 10 aug written episode

Episode End

They argue. He says you will be in pain. She says I don’t feel any pain now, I won’t go from here until you clear the blames, you have to tell everyone that I had come as a friend, not a spy, I did all this for love, not enmity. I love you. He gets shocked. She says it was love that got me to you as Vaijanti, love connects two hearts.

He says no, I hate you. She says you love me but can’t say, say it today. He says I don’t love you. She says you love me. He says I don’t. She says you don’t love. He says yes, I love. She smiles.

He sees her. She says you told it today, you have to say this in front of everyone, then we will end Krishnanagar and Tulsipur enmity together, really. He leaves. She asks till when will you run from my love, you told me, you have to tell everyone that you love your Bondita.

Precap: Chandrachur disguises to take Bondita away. Anirudh sees him and decides to help him. Chandrachur gets Bondita in the car and reveals himself and says that he is there to take her. Anirudh sees them from afar and wishes Bondita to leave with him and save herself.


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