Barrister Babu 11th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita on apne tv

Barrister Babu 11th August Written Episode | apne tv

The episode starts with Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita and Trilochan asking Bihari for whom he’s taking food. He says for Bondita. She will reach Kashi if she stays alive. Trilochan tells Anirudh to tell Bihari what ritual Bondita has to do today. Anirudh says, ‘bhiksha’ in whole Tulsipur. Shashwati asks what’s that?

Trilochan explains that means she will need to go to everyone’s house and ask for grains/food and then prepare food for herself. Trilochan then asks Sampoorna to serve breakfast to Anirudh, all items are of his choice. He says nothing of his choice is happening in the house and goes to balcony. There, he sees Bondita asking a man for food and him refusing her.



Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita, Chandrachur tells Thakumaa that he’s going to Tulsipur to bring Bondita. Thakumaa asks him if he has any plan. He says every week their cars with grains go to Tulsipur and today Bondita will be doing the ‘bhiksha’ ritual. Once he gets an opportunity, he will put Bondita in his car. Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita,  Thakumaa tells him to be careful as the Tulsipur people are still angry and they could kill him. He tells her not to worry about it. He will manage.

Bondita comes to a lady now for ‘bhiksha’. She too refuses to say it’s better Bondita dies in hunger. She keeps going to different people and everyone refuses her.


Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita


Sumati tells Chandrachur that she does not know how to thank him. Bondi’s protector has become her enemy and person from whom Bondita always got sorrow, he’s thinking about her. He’s protecting her. She joins hands and thanks to him.

Shashwati brings a bowl of rice to Bondita saying Sampoorna used to say that Bondita couldn’t stay hungry. She tells Bondita not to tell anyone, else Sampoorna will get angry at her. She leaves.

A bunch of men surrounds Bondita. Chandrachur arrives in Tulsipur in a disguise. He says once he manages to get Bondita out of Tulsipur, he won’t spare Tulsipur people. He sees a group of men breaking glass bottles in Bondita’s way and asks her to walk on it. Anirudh gets worried seeing that. Bondita says she’s ready to walk on glass pieces to reach her destination. She starts walking. Anirudh feels the pain.


Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita

Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita

He comes and puts his hand under her feet. She gets happy. Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita, She says she’s a spy, then why he’s doing this favor to her? He can’t see her in pain. If that’s not love, then what is it? He can fight with the world for her. He is not letting her complete the punishment that he gave her.

She asks why he doesn’t accept this is love, not enmity. Tell everyone he doesn’t find her a betrayer, he loves his Bondita and he can’t see her in pain. Chandrachur watches everything. Bondita tells Anirudh that everyone is waiting for his answer. He tells Tulsipur people that he knows they can’t get along with Krishna Nagar, they hate them, they have enmity, but they can’t forget humanity to prove that.


barrister babu


There won’t be any difference between them and Krishna Nagar people. Chandrachur thinks what’s this drama between the two now. Anirudh continues that Bondita’s punishment is decided and she will be given exactly that, no more or no less. He then tells Bondita to do the aid, she will feel better. She says no. He asks why she doesn’t understand anything. Whatever she suffered so far was nothing.

She says her life was started with him and she doesn’t mind ending with him. She accepts everything given by him whether it’s a prize or a pain. She accepts it not just once, but hundred times. She continues walking on pieces of glass. He walks away but keeps turning to look at her. He sees the disguised man and figures he’s Chandrachur seeing his chain. He thinks that he will have to do something before Tulsipur people figure it out so that he can easily take Bondita from there. He asks a sweeper to burn the leaves. Chandrachur wonders how to take Bondita in front of everyone. Smoke starts. Anirudh thinks that shall make it easier for Chandrachur to take Bondita.


Anirudh thinks what Bondita

Chandrachur comes to Bondita and takes her to his jeep and makes her sit. Anirudh sees Somnath coming there and stops him. Somnath says that he got the news that Chandrachur has come to Tulsipur. Anirudh sends him in an opposite direction. Chandrachur starts his car. Bondita turns off the engine and asks who is he? He says he promised her that he won’t let her become a nun. He has come to take her.

Anirudh says, please go Bondita. Bondita says that she can’t run away like that and refuses to go with him. He asks her if she has gone crazy. Anirudh doesn’t care for her anymore. He (Chandrachur) cared for her yesterday and still cares for her today. He doesn’t know why she doesn’t understand. She says she has not forgotten anything. She accepted this punishment at her own will. She asks him to leave before anyone sees him, for Tupur’s sake, for his love’s sake. He thinks about how to tell her that she’s his love. Anirudh thinks what Bondita did. Why doesn’t she understand that he can’t see her losing her identity? She has become a barrister after so much effort, he can’t let her effort go to waste.


full episode written


Anirudh comes to the kitchen thinking Bondita must be hungry. He makes plate noise. Bihari and a lady servant come. He hides. The lady servant says that she felt she saw Anirudh. Bihari thinks if that’s true then Anirudh must have come to take food for Bondita. He takes the lady servant away saying they have to do some work. Anirudh comes out and takes the food and haldi as medicine for Bondita’s wound. Bihari gets happy knowing that.

Kids are looking at Bondita. Anirudh comes and thinks that Bondita won’t be able to refuse to the kids. He tells Shashwati to give the plate to Bondita. He waits outside and listens. Bondita tells the kids to take the plate back, she will be fine. Kids tell her not to be stubborn. She says Anirudh is being stubborn, not her. Go and tell him to do what she said. Kids ask what she told him. She says nothing. She tells the kids to tell Anirudh to come and apply haldi on her wound himself. Kids give the plate back to Anirudh and leave. Bondita tries to get up, but she struggles in pain. Anirudh runs to her and applies Haldi to her wound. He asks why she’s always so stubborn. She says what to do, she learned all this from her teacher only. Rishta Tera Mera plays… She smiles looking at him.

Precap: Anirudh sees the lady maid taking something outside at late night. He follows her and sees coals. He asks her about it. She tells him about the last ritual. Anirudh tells Trilochan that he won’t let the last ritual happen and that’s why he has decided that… (precap ends there)


Barrister Babu 11th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita on apne tv

Barrister Babu 11th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Shows Concern For Bondita on apne tv

The episode starts with Trilochan asking Bihari for whom he’s taking food. He says for Bondita. She will reach Kashi if she stays alive. bondita anirudh apply haldi on her wound tulsipur people see her in pain

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