Barrister Babu 12th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Defends Bondita

Barrister Babu 12th August 2021 Written Episode,

The Episode starts with Anirudh Defends Bondita and Anirudh asking Bondita to stop all this. Bonita says you used to say to never stop if you are right, I will obey him. He says you will not listen to me. Anirudh Defends She says I accept my love, you have to accept it now.

She laughs and says you took my name, now tell me what’s in your heart. He ties the kerchief to her foot. He asks her to have food. She says you feed me. He asks why, don’t you have hands. She says I have, but I don’t want to.

He feeds her. She coughs. He holds her and pats her back. He gets back. She smiles. He says I will send water. He goes out. She says I got colored in your color, I can never get colorless, I m sure you will accept our love soon, we will unite, love will win, enmity will lose, you got my color, look there. He sees the Haldi on his clothes. He leaves.

Barrister Babu 12th August 2021 Written Episode

Trilochan prays and says you have seen how Anirudh kept his hand under Bondita’s feet, will he let her lose her voice, never, I can’t change these rituals, Bondita came here as a spy, she needs this punishment.

Bihari’s wife says you called me. He gives her a necklace. He says you have to do my small work in return, you can’t tell it to your husband and barrister bahu, go to the market and buy coal, get Bondita to the ghat at night, the last rites will be completed.

 Anirudh Defends Bondita

 Ritual & Anirudh

She asks what ritual. She says ritual of keeping coal on her tongue and snatching her voice. He gives her money. She goes. Anirudh Defends Bondita So Anirudh asks Sannyasins about the customs, is this life good, if they say that its right ritual, then he will ask, why does this happen with just women, not men, its injustice, stop this, save the women from dying, it’s a bad custom, it is wrong. They go.

A lady comes back and signs him to say that their voice is snatched. He asks her to talk. She signs him. Somnath comes. Anirudh says she signed, she can’t talk. Anirudh always Defends Bondita then Somnath says she has Maun’s wrath today, she can’t talk, if she doesn’t reach there before sunset, then she will get punished. He sends the lady. Anirudh thinks she wanted to say something.

Anirudh Defends Bondita

Anirudh thinks how shall I save Bonita. Bihari’s wife thinks I m taking this coal by difficulty, else Bihari would have not let me do this. Anirudh hears the anklet sound and thinks where is she taking this and why. He goes out and says stop. He stops the coal and stove. Anirudh asks why did you get this here, did you do anything wrong, why are you scared. Bihari also comes.

Anirudh save Bonita written story


She says I was doing this on Trilochan’s word, it’s for Bondita’s ritual. He asks what do you mean. Bihari says I will make her admit the truth. He asks how did you get this costly necklace, did he steal. She says no, Trilochan gave it. He asks why. She says he wanted my help. Anirudh asks what helps.

The lady says ritual of keeping burning coal on Bondita’s tongue and snatching her voice, the last ritual will make her mute. Anirudh gets shocked and says that’s why Sanyasini didn’t give any answer. Bihari slaps his wife. Anirudh scolds her. He says Bihari, it’s wrong to raise a hand on a woman. Bihari says sorry I couldn’t stop me hearing this. She apologizes. Anirudh says this ritual won’t happen, no one can snatch Bondita’s voice. He shouts Somnath, Trilochan and Sampoorna. They come.


Barrister babu story in written form


Anirudh saves Bondita Trilochan asks what happened. Anirudh says I got to know everything, I won’t let it happen, you can’t mute anyone’s voice, I can’t let this happen, I decided to send Bondita back to Krishnanagar.

Trilochan says I didn’t do anything wrong, she is the enemy of the entire village, why are you pitying her. Anirudh says I won’t let injustice happen. Trilochan asks will it be justice if she accepted the crime. Anirudh says my heart says that Bondita isn’t a spy. Trilochan asks whose heart, Anirudh or barrister.


Anirudh says both are one. Trilochan says no, barrister babu won’t think from heart, the proof is imp in barrister, what proof do you want in her favor, I have a proof that she was spying, Sampoorna has seen her taking Binoy, she said she sent those things, she accepted her crime, let this happen, it’s her fate to become Sanyasini.

Anirudh says I will change her fate, I can’t let this happen with Bondita or any other woman, we are human, not Lord, Bondita has written her fate herself by her hard work and courage, my decision won’t change, she will go to Krishnanagar. Somnath says but… Anirudh shouts I have said it already.

It’s the morning, Anirudh Defends Bonditaand asking I have to send Bondita to Krishnanagar. He comes to her place. She smiles. He says I know she will say I accept, but I don’t accept this, I will take her by power or cheat. She says Sakha babu. He asks how do you know I m here.



barrister babu


She says your fragrance comes before you come, don’t apply your perfume if you come to see me, it gets you caught, come in and see what picture I have made. He comes in. He sees Radha’s picture. She says Krishna Ji was feeling alone without Radha Ji, I was thinking to make his Radha and keep along with him, I will say that your Jodi is complete.

She stands with Anirudh and says complete our Jodi also, unite me with Anirudh, and complete our incomplete love. He asks why are you saying this. She asks do you want me not to say my truth, you said that I should say being fearless, why are you asking me to get quiet, then what’s the use for me to have a voice, better snatch my voice.

Anirudh thinks I will never want anyone to snatch her voice, I won’t let this happen. The roof falls down. He sees this and pulls her. They fall down. She sees the fallen roof. They have an eye lock. She smiles. Music plays… She says you can’t let me get hurt, right. He says yes. She says I love you. She says you can’t stop your feelings, you have to accept our love in front of everyone.


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Precap: Anirudh tells Bihari to get ready to get Bondita out of Tulsipur. Bihari takes some food for Bonita. She eats and falls unconscious. He covers her with a shawl and they put her in Anirudh’s car. On their way, Anirudh thinks Bondita must be suffocating. He removes the shawl and gets shocked (seems like it’s Bihari, but not shown clearly).

Barrister Babu 12th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Defends Bondita

Barrister Babu 12th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Defends Bondita

anirudh tongue and snatching her voice bondita accept our love tongue and snatching

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