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Ridhi Dogra & Shamita Shetty’s Ex-Husbands-Big Boss

Big Boss a recent interview with BT, Ridhi talked about the show and shared, “He is the kind of person that you are seeing on the show. If there are more than two people, it’s a crowd for him.

He doesn’t like to scream and shout to say what he wants to, instead he talks to people that he is comfortable with and trusts. (Big Boss)

Ridhi Dogra And Shamita Shetty’s Ex-Husbands:

Big Boss

He doesn’t like to scream and shout to say what he wants to, instead he talks to people that he is comfortable with and trusts. On the other hand, Nishant is playing really well and he is also a friend of mine.

I know he wanted to be part of this show and he is doing an excellent job. He is entertaining so well and I feel that I am watching my friends’ show with Nishant, Raqesh, and earlier Ridhima being apart


Introducing Ridhi Dogra

The best thing about the show is that it is very rare to see many celebrities supporting reality shows. As expected, the star cast of Bharti Singh – Haarsh Limbachiyaa –Ankush Gupta, Abigail Pandey –Prince Narula, Mohit Sehgal –Nikitin Dheer, and Ridhi Dogra had something or the other to say about each other.

Haarsh Seemed To Have “Noted” An Interval In Their Partnership Apparently when Abigail was talking about her all-time favorite Bharti on the show, he made a comment, “I wouldn’t call us a family.” Oops!

That definitely didn’t go down well with the ‘bahu’ of Bharti, who had to throw a drink in his face in order to silence him. But there is nothing to be scared about because Mohit Sehgal quickly picked up the responsibility to make amends to Abigail’s mind.


Introducing Shamita Shetty

While talking to the leading daily about the show,(big boss) she stated that she has known everyone in the show for a long. She also said that everyone has been really kind to her and welcoming to her and added, “The house is full of warm and loving people.

I guess that makes the show more interesting.” In a recent interview, she told TOI, “I am also looking for a meaningful show which can work both in life as well as a scripted format.

But the real surprise is that Vikrant has been a part of the audience while filming the show, and he has been saying what an amazing show it is. All of us in the show has played to our strengths, and there is immense fun for the audience watching us.” Who Is The Better Man?

big boss
big boss

Ridhi’s Husband vs. Shamita’s Husband

When asked about it, the actor laughed and said, “Yes, I get to see my friends and I am very close to them. But I cannot compare them as they both are very good at their work.

big boss
big boss

Who Is The Better Man?

The whole family is also loving him and they are now having a lot of fun with him. It’s really nice to see all of them enjoying their own work. All are enjoying it and they feel happy that I am seeing this show and they are all contributing something.

So, I feel so happy and grateful to them.” Ridhi & Suyyash’s Exes Well, we know that both are already divorced and on a break, so to say. Ridhi was married to Shamita Shetty, and Suyyash was married to Raqesh Vashistha. Suyyash’s Ex-Wife Shamita Shetty:

Speaking about it, Shamita had earlier said, “Every relationship goes through ups and downs and we had our share of ups and downs. So you can say that it’s just like any normal relationship and the only difference is that our love story got a different ending.



Ridhi was a good wife in real life. She has a negative side too. She is good-looking and sexy and people will like her once she becomes a part of Bigg Boss house. Trending: Apart from this, she has done many reality shows. She has been a part of Bigg Boss 4, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6, among many others.

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