Barrister Babu 17th September 2021 Episode Update: Chandrachur’s Wicked Plan apne tv

Barrister Babu 17th September 2021 Episode

The Episode starts with Barrister Babu and Anirudh asking Chandrachur to apologize to Tupur in episode 17th September 2021.

He pushes him on the floor and says apologize, else stay there until she pities you. Chandrachur thinks I will take revenge for this insult by ruining Bondita’s respect. He apologizes to Tupur.

She cries. Everyone looks on. Sampoorna says it’s Kaalratri, you both won’t see or meet each other, Anirudh just sees the sky today.

Barrister Babu 17th September 2021 Episode

Barrister Babu Story

Tapur says I heard Anirudh has done good preparations for his new bride, but no use, meet her tomorrow. Anirudh says fine, become the enemy of the love, let me see the moon for some time of this event. Sampoorna says no way.

Anirudh says I will take Shashwati out every day and help you in cooking. Sampoorna says fine, you both can see each other until I blink. He says okay, blink slowly. Anirudh and Bondita see each other. They ask did you say anything.

She smiles

He says you are looking really beautiful, I wish to capture this moment forever in my eyes. She says I have already adorned this moment in my eyes. He says I love you, Bonita. She says I love you too Pati Babu. She gets shy. He holds her hands. Sampoorna says time is up, come. Tapur takes Bonita. Anirudh looks for her. Sampoorna takes him.

Brister babu 17 September episode
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In this Drama barrister babu Sumati says whatever happened wasn’t right, I wish everything gets fine, else the enmity fire can burn our happiness once again. Takuma and Sumati see Chandrachur sending some guests. Takuma says Chandrachur is doing his responsibility well. Trilochan asks them to stay back for the first rasoi rasam.

Takuma says it’s Sasural’s rasam, what work do we have here. Chandrachur thinks to make an excuse to stay here. He asks what, how did the roof fall again, you know I m busy at work. Trilochan asks what happened, we have a big haveli, there are many rooms, stay here until your house gets ready.

Takuma says okay, but can Chandrachur stay. Chandrachur says as you decide. She says we will stay for some days. He asks shall I ask Tupur not to pack bags. She says yes. He signs his man. Trilochan says Chandrachur always listens to you. She says he is more like a son to me. He says it’s good he forgot the fight with Anirudh.

About Characters

Chandrachur goes and recalls Anirudh and Bondita’s words. Bond comes to her room. He gets tensed and hides in the bathroom. She shuts the door. She sits to remove the chunri and jewelry. Chandrachur stares at her. Anirudh sees his decorated room.

He thinks of Bonita. Chandrachur opens the door. He stops hearing the kids. Sampoorna says I told them Bondita would be tired, but still, they came. Bonita says it’s fine, we will play. Sampoorna goes. Bonita plays with the kids. Chandrachur waits in the bathroom. Shashwati says you have to dance now. Bond says no.

The kids insist. Bonita asks them to dance with her. They all dance. Chandrachur steps back. Bonita looks at the bathroom door. He thinks I will wait here for the kids’ leaving. Anirudh looks out of the room. He sees Bondita’s window and smiles. Chandrachur thinks the kids left. He sees Bonita.

Anirudh signals Bondita by switching the lamp on and off and thinks you are also missing me, you want to meet me. He sees the light flickering. He thinks if Bondita is fine, I should go and see. He goes to Bondita’s room. He opens the door. He sees Chandrachur and shouts.

Chandrachur Fight 17th September 2021 Episode(Barrister Babu)

Precap: Anirudh chases Chandrachur on a road. Chandrachur takes out his gun. During their fight, a bullet gets fired. Chandrachur falls off the bridge. Trilochan and Thakumaa witness all this. Later, police question Trilochan that he saw Anirudh firing a bullet on Chandrachur.

Bonita says Anirudh can never kill anyone. Still, in disbelief, Anirudh confesses that he killed Chandrachur. Police say they will have to arrest him then. Anirudh is handcuffed and taken away. Trilochan tells Somnath that Anirudh will have to come back to the house. Somnath says they will hire the best barrister.

Sampoorna says a barrister is in their house only – Bonita. In court, the judge declares hang till death punishment for Anirudh. Bondita enters as barrister. Another lawyer laughs saying now a girl will fight in court. Bonita says I will prove that my husband is innocent. Anirudh gets happy.

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